Ferry tickets to Naantali
Naantali is located in the seaside of Finland and is a popular summer resort. The port is the biggest in the country.

Naantali, a port for all seasons

Whenever you choose to visit the seaside town in Finland, you will find a reason (or more) to love it. It’s on the southwest side of the Scandinavian country and it is part of the Northwest Finland region. It’s a popular summer resort and an major economic booster for the country.
The biggest port in Finland is the main gateway to Sweden and Russia. For ferry tickets and more information about Naantali, visit Let’s Ferry.

Attractions in Naantali
• The Kultaranta on the Luonnonmaa islet is the summer presidential residence since 1922. It stretches in 80 acres and contains the Manor House, a greenhouse, and a rose garden with 3500 roses. The Kulturanta Park is considered by many as the Versailles of Finland.
• The Naantali Museum is the local History Museum. Visit the two wooden houses to see findings from Naantali’s early days till modern times.
• The Naantali Church was built in the 15th century. It’s the country’s second biggest medieval Church.
Turku is the oldest city in Finland and its former capital. It’s 16 km from the port.

Beaches in Naantali
• The Nunnalahden Uimaranta is sandy, with changing rooms, toilets and parking space.
• During the summer you can swim from Kultarannan in Naantali to the Luonnonmaa islet. In the winter you can repeat your crossing on ice skates.
• The Naantalin Kylpylän Uimaranta is sandy, with changing rooms, a restaurant and toilets. In the same area you will find a spa where you can have special treatments. In the winter it becomes a perfect ice rink.

The town of Naantali

The town of Naantali

Activities in Naantali
• Visit the Moomin World, one of the most famous theme parks in Finland. Visit an area that looks like it’s taken from the pages of a fairytale with colourful houses, a beach, labyrinths, theatre venues and comic-book heroes greeting the children.
Cycling to explore the area and the bridges that connect the islets to the mainland. Enjoy majestic views where the color green blends with the sea.
• Hiking at the Kuparivuori cliffs. When you reach the top, you can see all the top-rated attractions of the area. Follow the Path of Love from the Old Town of Naantali to start exploring the cliffs.

Access to Naantali: You can reach the port by bus, car, plane or ferry. Stockholm’s airport is 72 km away.

Only in Naantali: If you are visiting on the 27th of July, don’t miss the experience of the Sleepyhead Day, or Unikeonpäivä. It’s a ritual that is celebrated mainly in Naantali. According to tradition, a famous local person, known for their charities and social activity to the community is secretly chosen to be the Sleepyhead of the year. At 7 o’clock in the morning, this person is thrown to the sea, in front of a crowd of locals and tourists.

Information about the port of Naantali

The port is connected to Kapellskar and Langnas. The official currency is the euro.
Facilities at Naantali port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, cafe, shuttered waiting lounge and paid parking.

Useful phones, Naantali
Port authority: +358 44 733 4550
Hospital: +358 23 30000
Police: +358 29 544 0501

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