Ferry tickets to Piombino
Piombino has plenty of castles, towers, museums and national parks.

Piombino, the city with Leonardo da Vinci’s touch

The city port is in the Livorno region, located very close to Florence and Siena and between the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Seas. It’s the connection point of the Italian mainland to the Tuscan Archipelago. Piombino has plenty of castles, towers and national parks. Its name comes from the word Populino which means Little Populonia. Populonia used the be the biggest city in this area.
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Attractions in Piombino
• Visit the Archaeological Museum (Museo archeologico del Territorio di Populonia) to see more than 2000 findings from ancient times.
• The Piombino Castle (Castello di Piombino) and the Museum of the Castle (Museo del Castello) which is at a short distance.
• The Piombino Citadel (Cittadella di Piombino) began to be build in 1465. In 1500 and while Leonardo Da Vinci was living in Piombino, he designed some parts of the Citadel. These parts are well preserved until today.
• The Rivellino and the Torrione are two of the most ancient gates of the city.

The beautiful city port of Piombino

The beautiful city port of Piombino

Beaches in Piombino

• The Spiaggia Sotto EX Fonderia Bernardini is a small, public beach, close to the port.
• The Spiaggia sotto Piazza Bovio is below the city’s ancient walls. It’s a sandy, small, unorganized beach.
• The Spiaggia dei Macelli is a secluded, pebbled spot.

Activities in Piombino
Snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding at the Spiaggia di Pontedoro.
Walk your dog and let him swim at the Pasha Glam Dog Beach.
Hiking at the Nature Preserve Oasi WWF Padule Orti-Bottagone. See flamingos and rare animal, plant and bird species.

Access to Piombino: You can reach the port by ferry, car, train or bus. Grosseto’s airport is 75 km away and Siena’s airport is 135 km away.
Pisa is 113 km away. Piombino to Pisa is 1,5 hours by car or train.
Florence is 163 km away. Piombino to Florence is about 2 hours by car and 2,5 hours by train.
Rome is 263 km away. Piombino to Rome is 3 hours by car and 2,5 hours by train.

The port of Piombino

The port of Piombino

Only in Piombino
: Taste the famous local wines Val di Cornia DOC (denominazione di origine controllata). Val di Cornia is a village 30 km away from the port. Some of the wines that are produced there are Cabernet Sauvignon, Aleatico Passito, Merlot, Bianco Wine, etc.

Information about the port of Piombino

The port is connected to Olbia and Golfo Aranci in Sardinia and to Pianosa. During the summer there are also routes to Portoferraio and Cavo on Elba Island.
Facilities at the port of Piombino: Restaurant, café, tobacco shop, shuttered waiting area, WC, WC for the disabled, Information Office, paid parking, taxis.

Useful phones, Piombino
: +390565224240
Port: +390565229210
Hospital: +39056567111
Police: +390565263600

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