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Kefalonia, the highest mountain of the Ionian Sea

To get to know this island, be ready to drive. A lot. Mountains, hills, modern and traditional settlements lead to secluded and awarded beaches. Enjoy the “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” natural film set with cheap ferry tickets to Kefalonia with Let’s Ferry.

Emerald waters in Kefalonia island

Emerald waters in Kefalonia island

Top attractions

Argostoli is the capital of the island. Visit the Archaeological Museum and the Corgialenios Library.
Koutavos wetland and the Turtle Park in Argostoli. The biggest lagoon in Greece hosts rare flora and fauna. Careta-careta turtles love to swim there as well as swans and other fish and bird species. Rent an electric or a pedal boat or enjoy a romantic stroll around the lake and towards the Cyclopean Walls of the ancient city of Krani.
Melissani Cave Lake. It’s a stunning geological phenomenon, located in Karavomilos. Experience a boat tour to learn its history and secrets. Admire the 20.000-year-old rock formations that reflect on the most turquoise waters you have ever seen.
• The Drogarati Cave is still partially explored. The cave has excellent acoustics and it’s big and safe enough to host music concerts.
Assos is a picturesque village with some of the top restaurants and hotels of the island. Walk the road towards the Castle to get the best sunset view.

Picturesque villages in Kefalonia island

Picturesque villages in Kefalonia island

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Sandy beaches in Kefalonia island

Sandy beach in Kefalonia island

Top activities

You have to be patient if you want to see some of the top European beaches. Access can prove difficult and you may need to drive for more than 30 minutes.

Myrtos: A multi-awarded beach with emerald waters and white pebbles. The tall cliffs make Myrtos the perfect tandem paraglide.
The reddish clayey sand is ideal for handmade face and body argil masks. Treat yourself with a free natural spa experience!
An exotic beach with transparent waters where you can explore the bottom of the sea without wearing a mask.
Makris Gialos 
and its natural extension Platis Gialos: These two are among the most vibrant and glamorous beaches. Lounge beach bars, gourmet tastes, thick sand and clean waters will keep you at the beach until sunset time!
A 5 km long sandy beach is the perfect place to find a secluded spot to rest under the sun.
Trekking at the National Park of Ainos. Explore the numerous trails and discover the black firs, one of the rarest kinds in Europe.

Traditional food in Kefalonia island

Traditional food in Kefalonia island

Tip: Kefalonia is an all-year-round destination. Transportation includes local buses, taxis and ferries from Lixouri to Argostoli and back. You can find numerous banks, ATMs and a hospital. There are two ports on the island, Sami and Poros and you can reach them with cheap ferry tickets to Kefalonia with Let’s Ferry.

Information about the port of Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is regularly connected by ferry to Kilini in mainland Peloponnese. Sami is also linked to Astakos and Ithaki.