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Rafina, kickstart your trip!

The second-largest port of Attica is a popular choice for short or longer getaways to the Cyclades. Find the best routes and organise an exciting island hopping spree. First step? Cheap ferry tickets to and from Rafina through Let’s Ferry.

Attractions to visit
Temple of Artemis: The Great Brauronia festival would taking place there, honoring the ancient Greek goddess Artemis. You can find it 6 km away from the port.
Marathon Tomb: A burial mound were the ashes of the Battle of Marathon warriors were places. It is located 14 km away from Rafina.
Artemis wetland: Lake Alyki is home to many birds like cormorants and herons.

Beaches to enjoy

Marikes: This one, also known as Nireas beach, is very close to the port (a mere 1.5 km away). A prehistoric settlement lies there, Askitario, which was built by monks.
Schinias: Find your favorite spot on this long, sandy coastline with vibrant beach bars. Enjoy water sports like SUP, wakeboarding and water ski.
Artemida. The suburb also known as Loutsa, hosts hundreds of beach houses and permanent residents. Here you will find all sorts of shops, organized beaches and restaurants. If you are looking for a secluded beach, Chamolia is the one for you.

Things to do

Surf and kite surf at Agios Nikolaos beach, in Vravrona.
• Organize a fun family day at Attica Zoological Park and the Aquapolis Waterpark. They are both in the same area, 11 km away from the port.
Hiking and mountain biking at the Hill of Ochyrou, an area covered with pine trees, once used by the Germans as a sort of fortress.

: You can reach the port by car or KTEL bus. The distance from Athens is 60 km (25 km from the Athens International Airport). During summer, there is heavy traffic at the streets close to the port, so it is a good idea to add some extra time to your trip getting there. If you have some time to spare, visit one of the fish taverns around the port for a nice start of your journey.
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Information about the port of Rafina

Rafina is connected to Andros, Tinos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Ios, Koufonissia and Santorini. The port has 13 mooring berths for ferry boats and 2 for speedboats. The facilities you will find at the port are: KTEL bus, TAXI, ATM, car rentals and passenger shelters. At the port there are only paid parking spaces, however parking is free at some nearby streets.