Ferry tickets to Rosslare
Rosslare, the Ireland's closest port to mainland Europe, attracts thousands of tourists each year, thanks to the natural beauty of the area and the variety of activities it offers.

Rosslare, the Irish village that captivates the sun

The port is in the Wexford County, in Ireland, between Dublin and Cork. Its position is the closest to mainland Europe and it’s one of the busiest in the country.
The village Rosslare Harbour, where the port is, is also known as Ballegyary. The area started developing in 1906, along with the construction of the port. If you are interested in travelling to Rosslare, you can find information, routes and ferry tickets at Let’s Ferry.

Activities in Rosslare
• The Johnstown Castle was built in the 19th century in Johnstown, a town 16 km from the port. Visit the Irish Agriculture Museum, the castle, the iconic lake and its flourished gardens.
• The Ferns Castle was built in 1200 and is located 50 km from the port.
• The Tulach a’tSolais monument was built to commemorate the bicentenary of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. During the Spring and Autumn Equinox, the monument is designed in such way, that it captures the sunset in perfect alignment. You will find it in Oulart, 40 km from the port.

The Johnstown Castle

The Johnstown Castle

Beaches in Rosslare
• In a short distance from the port, you will find the Rosslare Strand. It’s a sandy beach which has been awarded with a Blue Flag. There are many dunes and a wooden dock, perfect for strolling.
• The Curracloe is one of the most popular ones in Wexford. It’s a 11 km long sandy beach, where you can swim, walk, or do horse riding.
• The Morriscastle is ideal for children and has been awarded with a Blue Flag. The beach is sandy and has dunes. It’s 50 km from the port.

Activities in Rosslare
Golf, at an amazing scenery, next to the beach of Rosslare.
Beach yoga at the Hook peninsula, 55 km from the port.
Hiking, picnic, and a visit at the farm of the Talbot Lake. See alpacas, donkeys and ponies at a green area, 35 km from the port.
• Discover the seaside trails of the area. Start your hiking adventure from Kilmore Quay, 20 km from the port.

Access to Rosslare: You can reach the port by car, plane, bus, train or ferry. Dublin’s airport is 188 km from the port.

Only in Rosslare: Visit the Irish National Heritage Park and travel back in time to find out about the Irish history of the past 9000 years. Live an unforgettable experience at a 40-acre woodland with trails, playgrounds. Wear traditional costumes, forage like Prehistoric-Age inhabitants. You can also spend a night at a ringfort, a type of ancient settlement, which is mainly seen in Ireland and probably dates back to the Bronze Age.

Information about the port of Rosslare

The port is connected to Fishguard and Cherbourg.
Facilities at Rosslare’s port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, coffee shop, snacks, protected waiting area, WC, defibrillator, minibus for passengers with restricted mobility to and from the ferry, car rentals and paid parking.

Useful phones, Rosslare
Port: +353 5391 57970
Hospital: +353 5391 40000
Police: +353 5391 65200