Fishguard - Rosslare

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Information about the port of Fishguard

The port is connected to Rosslare.
Facilities at Fishguard’s port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, coffee shop, shuttered waiting area, WC, WC for the disabled, playground and paid parking

Useful phones, Fishguard:
Port: +44 1348 404430
Hospital: +44 1437 764545
Police: +44 1267 222020

Information about the port of Rosslare

The port is connected to Fishguard and Cherbourg.
Facilities at Rosslare’s port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, coffee shop, snacks, protected waiting area, WC, defibrillator, minibus for passengers with restricted mobility to and from the ferry, car rentals and paid parking.

Useful phones, Rosslare
Port: +353 5391 57970
Hospital: +353 5391 40000
Police: +353 5391 65200