Liverpool (Birkenhead) - Belfast

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Information about the port of Liverpool

The port is connected to Belfast and the journey lasts 8 hours. Don’t forget to change currency from euro to British pounds.
Facilities at the port of Liverpool: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, waiting lounge, restaurant, coffee shop and paid parking.

Useful phones, Liverpool:
Port: +44 151 949 6000
Hospital: +44 151 706 2000
Police: +44 151 709 6010

Information about the port of Belfast

The port is connected to Cairnryan and Liverpool. The facilities you will find at the port are free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, car rentals, paid parking and paid parking for the disabled, departure lounge.

Useful phones:
Coastguard: +44 28 9055 3000
Port: +44 344 770 7070
Hospital: +44 28 9032 9241