Travel Insurance & Travel Protection

Ferry delay & trip cancellation

A worry-free combined insurance coverage

Ferry Delay?

• Instant full fare refunds in ferry delays (2 hours or more).
• Worry free bookings and peace of mind as sometimes weather conditions, marine traffic etc. can cause delays and stress.
• A unique service which adds to travellers’ safety and requests no traveller involvement to receive the refund.
• Ferries are tracked via satellite and refunds are processed automatically (without any claim request or any document filling requirement.

Find out more about Ferry Delay terms and conditions here.

Insurance coverage is applicable to many ferry lines and expanding. You can select it on the last step of your booking.

Trip Cancellation?

• Covering a very broad range of incidents that lead to a trip cancellation.
• Ranging from positive PCR test, sickness, public transport delays, home emergency and many more.
• An extended refund insurance scheme which basically extends the ferry line’s refund policy.

Things can and do change, travelling can be much safer and worry free.
Ferry Delay & Trip Cancellation Insurance is offered as a combined optional low-cost service and is available via selected independent third-party company.

Find out more about Trip Cancellation terms and conditions here.