48 hours in Spetses

Spetses, with a glorious past and a cosmopolitan aura, is the ideal island for summer holidays and small Su-Su escapes among the socialites of Athens and abroad! Discover the heavenly colours of the Saronic Gulf, small romantic instagramic corners and the historic Armata on the "Island of Aromas" which is in its prime this season!
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Spetses is a regal, glorious, cosmopolitan, historic and well-liked vacation spot for many famous people. The island of Spetses is the perfect place for leisure, passionate strolls and cultural exploration. It is advised for both long vacations and quick weekend getaways to visit The Island of Fragrance and witness the revolutionary Armata festival. Visitors are charmed by the island's traditional architecture, which includes lovely neoclassical homes, elaborate pebble courtyards, and lovely flower-adorned balconies. A "no-car" island where you can enjoy the summer and unforgettable autumn excursions as you should, with a cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere as well as heavenly waters.

Day 1

What to see in Spetses

The neoclassical mansion of Sotirios Anargyros

Don't miss seeing the island's most brilliant structure when you visit the fragrant island. The symmetrical and architecturally pure design of the two-story, stone building in the middle of a lovely garden. Due to the architectural and morphological interest of the great benefactor's residence, it is regarded as a historical monument and a true work of art.

The Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses Foundation

The entrance of Anargyrios and Korgialenios SchoolThe entrance of Anargyrios and Korgialenios School

One of the most significant educational hubs of contemporary Greece and the Balkans is the model college that was established on the island thanks to the vision of its benefactor and businessman, Sotirios Anargyros, who had a lifelong goal of developing the island. This goal was motivated by his love for the place. Iannis Xenakis, Prime Minister Georgios Rallis, and many other prominent figures from the country's political, cultural and business worlds have all walked through the halls of the illustrious school.

The Museum of Spetses which is housed in the Hatzigiannis - Mexis Mansion

The museum of Spetses - The Mansion of Hatzigiannis MexisThe museum of Spetses - The Mansion of Hatzigiannis Mexis

Hatzigiannis - Mexis was a key figure in Spetses due to his contribution in the Greek Revolution of 1821. The Spetses Museum is currently housed in the ground floor and two upper floors of his mansion.You can view an exhibition featuring the discoveries from the Mycenaean shipwreck of Iria around 1200 BC in addition to displays covering more than 4,000 years of the island's cultural history. A few of them are the revolutionary flag of the island, Laskarina Bouboulina's bones, the weapons and portraits of the Spetsiot captains, as well as oil and watercolor paintings of the ships that took part in the Revolution.

The Bouboulina Museum

The house of Laskarina BouboulinasThe house of Laskarina Bouboulinas

Once in Spetses, the road will undoubtedly lead you in the Laskarina Bouboulina Mansion. You will be taken back in time, to the years of the Revolution and even further, to the life of the island when it was thriving as the greatest naval power in the Mediterranean, by the impressive building and its pebbled courtyard. In its current state as a museum, it dazzles the visitor with both its architecture and interior design, which includes 300-year-old family heirlooms in addition to actual furniture and other personal items owned by the Greek heroine. The significance and social position of Bouboulina for the time, the Revolution, and the liberation of the nation are immediately apparent upon entering this charming mansion.

The traditional shipyards “karnagia”

Since Spetses is known for its maritime heritage, it would be impossible for it to exist without traditional shipyards. Ships that require maintenance are assembled in Spetses, a shipping pioneer, from the Black Sea to the Atlantic. The traditional “karnagia” prospered, and Spetses grew to be one of the most powerful naval powers in the Mediterranean and the surrounding area.

The Armata Festival

Fireworks from ArmataFireworks from Armata

Of all the island's traditional customs, Armata is the reenactment of the Battle of Spetses, which occurred in September 1822. The small church in the Old Port known as "Panagia Armata" is where the name Armata originates. It is celebrated on September 8 along with the birth of the Virgin Mary because the locals credited the Virgin Mary with helping them win and thus built the small church in the Old Port in her honor. The celebrations start at the beginning of September and last for a week. They culminate in a recreation of the Turkish flagship's burning amid fireworks and displays. Every September, a large number of Greek and international tourists visit Spetses to take part in the wonderful celebrations. The program also features cannon firings, music and dance performances, theater productions, and art exhibitions. With the presence of a ship and its fleet, the Navy honors the historic battle.

2nd day

What to do in Spetses

It's time to engage in a variety of activities that will relax and amuse you after learning about the island's grand, significant history and tradition. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through Dapia while observing the chic shops, carriages, well-dressed tourists, and international ambiance. Get a drink with the elite of Athens in a small shop overlooking the water in the Old Port, ride a motorbike around the island to any charming harbor that catches your eye, and then climb the lush hill to the famous Spetses Lighthouse to see it up close. Last but not least, it is worthwhile visiting Bekiri's Cave, one of the most famous natural landmarks. It is well-known to the general public but it was also used as an ammunition depot during the Revolution. A scene of unmatched beauty that is regarded as a good luck charm for young couples because legend has it that anyone who drinks water from the spring inside the cave will remain in love forever.

Beaches in Spetses

Beach in Spetses

A dip in the stunning waters of the Saronic Gulf is practically required, no matter the season. Beautiful beaches with clear waters and pine trees that extend their shade almost to the sea surround the island. Which beaches in Spetses are the best? Now is the time to find them.

Agios Mamas

Agios Mamas

The island's most central beach is also its most well-known. With its emerald waters, Agios Mamas adorns the town of Spetses, where you can get food, drink, or coffee.

Agia Marina

A cosmopolitan beach where you can unwind and enjoy lovely, carefree moments while sipping cocktails and mingling with stylish people. It is not a coincidence that it is one of the island's most popular stops for both bathers and non-bathers due to its crystal clear waters and facilities offering water sports services. The small cove is embellished by the eponymous chapel, which is situated at its edge.

Agia Paraskevi

The wonderful waters in Agia Paraskevi

This beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful on the island, with green waters and shade provided by pine trees that reach up to the seashore. With its many amenities and coarse pebbles, it attracts tourists and swimmers from all over the world during the summer!

How to get to Spetses

Spetses is an ideal place to go island hopping from the other islands of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra, Aegina, and Poros. It is connected by a number of routes from Piraeus and, during the summer, from Ermioni and Porto Heli. Visit Let's Ferry for ferry tickets, schedules, deals, and various pieces of information.

If you're wondering whether 48 hours in Spetses will be enough, the answer is no. However, it is a good introduction that will make you want to return time and time again to the embrace of the Saronic Gulf. To get a better look at Armata and all the other "Isola di Spezie" beauties that will win your heart, purchase your tickets on Let's Ferry right away.