The 9th Chania Film Festival

Let's Ferry, with the belief that such actions mention Chania and Crete as a point of cultural reference, supports this effort as well.
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Chania is mentioned as a reference point for those who love cinema and culture, as the 9th Chania Film Festival raises its mark.
A feast of events begins in Chania, highlighting the city as a distinctive and important cultural destination. The Film Festival, established as an institution in the region of Chania, performs its rich activities beyond the cinema with a variety of events. Let's Ferry, with the belief that such actions are mentioned in Chania and Crete as a point of cultural reference, supports this effort as well. From Wednesday 20th to Saturday 30th October 2021, it takes place at the Cultural Center of Chania, but also online through Let's Ferry joins forces with the other supporters and sponsors and "rings the third bell" to start a great dream and a culture journey.

The port of Chania
The port of Chania

It includes a rich and a multi-layered program with fiction and documentaries, short and feature films and cartoons with exhibitions, masterclasses, publications, parties and many other cultural and entertainment activities.
The Festival includes special screenings, thematic tributes and a rich list of films and workshops for the Educational Community. A series of activities and events that the friends of the Festival will attend at the emblematic Cultural Center of Chania, will be presented daily from the earliest to the evening, with the actors sharing thoughts and impressions with the audience.

Internet and radio
At the same time, part of the program will be available throughout Greece online, in a protected environment, at Every day, the pulse of the Chania Film Festival will be transmitted through the CFF radio, which will once again broadcast, on fm but also online, 7-9 p.m. from his studio, outside the Cultural Center of Chania. Guests and spectators will participate by the radio, conveying experiences and impressions. CFF radio is a joint action with the 91.5 fm Network. Also, through the 9th CFF channel on youtube, there will be a daily, special, live show, which will give the pulse of the Festival with presentations, discussions and many surprises. In its 9th edition, the Chania Film Festival awards are supported by Fisher.

Full protection
It should be noted that the 9th Chania Film Festival is mentioned and redefined based on the health protocols in force to protect against the spread of covid19. Besides, the Cultural Center of Chania has been characterized as a "reduced space", so the relevant restrictions apply to corresponding measures. The actions of the Festival have no financial obligation for the participants. For all activities (screenings and workshops) it is MANDATORY to book a place -FREE- through the system of electronic forms that exist on the site. The use of a mask is mandatory, while at the entrance of the participants in the Festival premises, the relevant certificates of vaccination, illness, self/rapid test should be demonstrated as provided in each case. Thermometry will probably be done as well.

All participants in the 9th Chania Film Festival, among others, will attend unique experiences like:

• the Premiere
The 9th Chania Film Festival, honoring the Memory of Mikis Theodorakis, chooses to premiere with an emblematic collaboration, which created one of the most important films of Greek cinema. The Z of Costas Gavras, based on the book of the same name by Vasilikos Vasilikos and music by Mikis Theodorakis. The screening is done in collaboration with the Hellenic Film Academy and is part of the synergy of the two Institutions, within the program "COUNTRY, I SEE YOU", which will host Crete at the Chania Film Festival.
"CHORA, I SEE YOU" is a program of rescue, digitization, screening and study that fits in with the rich heritage of Greek Cinema of the 20th century, in the context of the Celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. The promotion is supported by the Pancretan Friends Association Mikis Theodorakis.

The film Z by Costa Gavras
The film Z by Costa Gavras

• fixed Fiction and Documentary Films, such as…
- The Debt of Stavros Psylakis. A praise to friendship from a sinful angel. A film about Aleko Zoukas.
- Charlatan, by Agnieszka Holland. The shocking story of the therapist, who had to choose between fame and conscience.
- Daniel 16, by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos. A story of adolescence, delinquency and difficult decisions.
- Being Present, by George Avgeropoulos. Greece is facing the health crisis, having open its wounds from the economic crisis.
- The Fourth Character, by Katerina Patroni. A city that accepts the stories of its inhabitants and reflects them on its faces.
- Tongue Twisters, by Simos Korexenidis. A movie about words that are sweetly confused.
- My Katines by Vilma Meniki. The story of the Autonomous Group of Women of Thessaloniki.
- Through the Window Glass, Three Acts, by Christos Barbas. Moments of emotion, but also of laughter, inside a nursing home in Athens, during the first lockdown.
- Invisible, by Marianna Kakaounaki. The journey of two refugees and their lives the next day.
- The Unknown Athenians, by Angeliki Antoniou. A story of observation of the homeless in Athens and the people who take care of them.
- The Perfumes / Les Parfums, by Gregory Magne. A film with a strong temperament and many aromas.
- The Lifebelt, by Giannis Panagiotarakos. Dreams of a rich life in an environment of financial crisis.
- Pari, by Siamak Etemadi. Pari is looking for her lost son in Athens, but also the depths of herself.
- Journey to Ikaria – Utopia / Journey to Ikaria – Utopia, by Manolis Papadakis. A cinematic journey to Ikaria, the home of childhood, in our Utopia.
- Passage to Europe, by Dimitra Kouzi. A story in the heart of Athens, where 17 students, Greeks and foreigners, and their teacher dream of their future…
- The Trace of Time, by Dionysia Kopana. A film about the charm of archeology and excavation, through the portrait of Giannis Sakellarakis.

short films as ...
- Hansel, by Vivian Papageorgiou.
- Accordion Man, by Alexandros Skouras.
- Pashka, by Andreas Flourakis.
- Forgive me Father by Jona Schlosser.
- Black Box, by Can Deniz Atici.
- At the Airport, by Michalis Mathioudakis.
- Dakar, by Stelios Moraitakis.
- Toni, by Roman Filiev.
- Vouta, by Dimitris Zachos.
- Light, by Kontiza.
- Teo, my neighbor, by Christos Karteris.
- Symposium, by Jason Tablas.
- Kakapo, by Ios Asithiotaki and Marina Panigyraki.

Animation has a special place in the program of the 9th Chania Film Festival with films such as:
- Lullaby, by Athena Georgia Koumela.
- Cat – outs, by Akis Melachris and Alexandros Romanos Lizardos.
- Tile Sun, by Ziba Arzhang.
- Too Late, by Kinga Syrek.
- Immigrants, by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez.

• Music and Musicians
- What happened in Larissa? A music story about Nat Birchall, by Dimitris Papadopoulos and Ioannis Kolexidis.
- All the Rebets of the World, by Dimitris Tragallos. Following a band that plays rebetiko and has its origins in London.
- The Journey of Askavlos, by George Arvanitis. A walk with the ancient Greek bagpipe.
- Feel Your Heartbeat: The Film, by Pericles Papandreopoulos. A journey in House Music, in Greece.

Movies for Children and Young People & for those who are close to Young People
- The Club of Ugly Children, by Jonathan Elbers.
- Wolfwalkers, by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart.
- My brother is hunting dinosaurs, by Stefano Cipani.
- Rocket changes the world, by Katja Benrath.
- Team Marco, by Julio Vincent Gambuto.
- Coco, by Lee Unkrich.
- Showcase Doll, by Mahnaz Valipour.
- Immortality, by Nikoleta Houchouli.
- Welcome Home, by Dana Crypto.

Midnight View
Continuing the tradition of recent years, the 9th Chania Film Festival invites its friends to experience the midnight screening. Our appointment is at midnight on Saturday, October 23, 2021, at the Cultural Center of Chania. This year the film's masterpiece by Krzysztof Kislowski, "The double life of Veronica" / La douple vie de Veronique. The screening starts at 23:59. A unique experience always with the support of fisher.

Special Screenings
- Playing with Fire, by Anneta Papathanassiou. Female actors in Afghanistan who have the courage to work in the theater are met with harsh criticism or, social disapproval, they even receive threats to their lives and their families.
- Unrolling the Tangle. 47 years later. The Elementary School of Pazinos, Chania and the Elementary School of Deryneia II, in a joint Cinematographic - Educational Action, present a short documentary about the invasion of Cyprus, with unique testimonies of people who experienced the events.
- The next day - 10 Years KETHEA ARIADNI in Chania.

• Section "Historical Memory"
History, in its various forms, is the backbone of the Festival program. In the relevant section, among others, the films will be screened in # CFF9:
- Spetses΄21: At the Crossroads of History, by Panos Thomaidis.
- The History of thw Folk Hospital, Asvestohori Sanatorioum, by Andreas Tsatsaias.
- Macedonian Skies Ablaze - Wings of the Great War, by Dimitris Hatzimallis. Stories about the first pilots of the warring parties.
- The Doctor and the Prince, by Michael Krause. The German Red in the Third Reich.
- Rigors, by Giannis Bletas. Testimonies of great events from Rethymnon.
- Marika, why be afraid!, By Matthew Franzeskakis.
- Early Withered Flowers. Kakopetros 28 August 1944 , by Matthew Frantzeskakis and Viki Arvelakis.

Screenings in Collaboration
The Chania Film Festival, firmly believing in collaborations and synergies, hosts in its program of the last years five film sections from other Festivals and organizations:
- Selected films by the students of the AKTO School.
- Selected films by students of the Czech Famu School, in collaboration with the Czech Center of Athens.
- Student films of recent years, from the camera zizanio of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Youth.
- Movies of the student competition, did you read movies?
- A selection of films from the Très Court International Short Film Festival. And of course, many more movies…

Discussions and Conversations
- Experiential Workshops for the Educational Community, in collaboration with the Network of Collaborative Schools of Chania for Pedagogy Frene.
- We talk about the Arts and Society. An experiential action organized for the third year by the Chania Film Festival, with the background of Music, Photography, Cinema and Dance.
- Presentation of the book "The olive and the linden", by Demosthenes Kurtovic.
- Discussion on the topic, "Speech and Radio. The speech on the Radio".
- Action "Outside the Walls" Guests and collaborators of the Festival visit the schools inland of Chania for activities…

• The Radio… goes to the Cinema!
- For another year in collaboration with NETWORK FM 91.5…! The radio producers of DIKTYO FM 91.5, in a special daily show, talk to their friends and guests of the Festival and travel us by radio to the 9th event. We create CFF radio and a daily radio show gives the pulse to fm, but also to the internet.

Exhibitions / Facilities
Seven Exhibitions and Facilities are hosted by the 9th Chania Film Festival.
- For another year we meet the Club of Greek Cartoonists. This year, the Exhibition entitled, "I BELIEVE IN YOU". Sketch report against gender-based violence and patriarchy.
- Special installation, minimum Price and Memory for Mikis Theodorakis. Edited by Lefteris Lambrakis.
- Forms of Freedom. Interactive Exhibition of Augmented Reality, on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution. Collaboration with the University of West Attica.
- 12 Worlds. Illustrators of Contemporary Czech Children's Books. Cooperation with the Czech Center of Athens.
- "Chania on the routes of the centuries". Exhibition of augmented reality works of the students of the 2nd High School of Chania.
- 80 years since the Battle of Crete. Digital exhibition, in collaboration with the Municipality of Platanias. Edited by Lefteris Lambrakis.
- Tell me a story. Stories with cassettes! Audiovisual Installation with favorite stories. Reason… a cassette!

• Publications
Continuing its publishing program, the Chania Film Festival presents its new books.
- "Z / Vasilikos, Gavras, Theodorakis". Special edition on the occasion of the premiere film of the Festival, edited by Lefteris Lambrakis.
- "With the amaranth of victory crown. From the dusty trunk of Irini Kalfaki… ". Letters from the '40s Front. Edited by Lefteris Lambrakis.
- "The diary of a Soldier. From Rodopi to the Front ". The march from Crete to the Albanian Front and the return to the Island of the soldier Emmanuel Mylonakis, as he himself recorded it. Edited by Lefteris Lambrakis.
- Film Education. Art, Culture and Pedagogy, by Dimitris Papadopoulos.

• Masterclasses - Workshops - Publications - Events
Ten specially designed masterclasses and workshops await the friends of the Festival. Also the program of the Festival includes book presentations, discussions, special editions, parties, flavors…

• The Educational Actions of the Chania Film Festival
For the Students and Teachers of the Schools of Crete, the Festival has a rich program of screenings and workshops adapted to the special epidemiological conditions. The program includes 13 special screenings, as well as special workshops on audiovisual issues. Also workshops of animation, film making, radio, theatrical play, etc. These and many more compose the Film Festival in Crete, the experience offered by the 9th Chania Film Festival.
The 9th Chania Film Festival and its Educational Programs are under the auspices of the Ministries: Culture and Sports, Education and Religions, Tourism and the Hellenic Tourism Organization.
Supported by: the Greek Parliament Supported by: The Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Hellenic Tourism Organization, the National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication, the Hellenic Cinema Center, designed and implemented by the Cultural Society of Crete, co-organized by: Region of Crete, Region, of the Cultural Center of Chania, of the Municipalities of Chania and Platania, of KEPPEDIH-KAM.
They are carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The CFF9 Audience Awards are sponsored by Fisher. Sponsor # CFF9 / COSMOTE has the synergy of the most important actors of Cinema, Culture and Education. All the activities of the Chania Film Festival are with Free Admission and access for the disabled is ensured.