5 islands to enjoy Greece’s best beers!

Close your eyes and picture yourself reaching for a cold glass of beer to cool off during the hot and sunny summer days!
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If you've ever been to Greece you probably know that beer is very much intertwined with the summers there. If you haven't, just close your eyes and picture yourself reaching for a cold glass of beer to cool off during the hot and sunny summer days! Savoring the subtle sip of froth off the top of a pint while watching the sun set into the sea. Enjoying its crisp and unassuming taste when hanging out with your friends, family, significant other or friendly strangers at the local bar or taverna...can you see, feel and taste it? Yeap, you're in Greece alright!

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Beer in a greek island.

Beer in a Greek island

Tracing the beer drinking history and habits in Greece across time, we found out that during the antiquity beer was considered to be a “barbaric” drink of inferior quality to wine. It was not until the early 1830s that beer was properly introduced into the Greek society, when Otto, Greece's first monarch, came to Greece to rule the country. Otto brought with him Bavarian courtiers and soldiers who wanted to enjoy their national drink. He also brought with him his personal brewmaster! Several years later, in 1893, a Greek by the name of “Ioannis Fix”, created a small brewery that produced what was meant to grow into one of Greece's most popular beers to date, fix Hellas!

Over the past few years, Greece has made a dynamic entry into the production of domestic labels. Several microbreweries have also sprung up! The result: local quality beer that rises up to the standards of its already established German and British labels! We're actually so sold on it, that we've put together a list of islands with local beer production that is definitely worth a try.

Cretan Brewery
Mostly known for the Cretan raki, the island of Crete has recently expanded to the production of its first local beer in the city of Chania. With respect for the environment and using top quality local raw materials, the Cretan Brewery produces its top of the line handcrafted beer, Charma Beer that comes in three varieties:

  • Charma Dunkel Draft: a deep reddish-dark brown with thick foam and an aroma blend of roasted malt, caramel, coffee and chocolate.

  • Charma Lager: a blonde with fresh grass and citrus floral aromas.

  • Charma Pale Ale: a deep golden-orange with citrus and tropical fruits notes.

Periodically, the brewery features limited releases, which for the summer of 2021 include the Charma Mexicana, the Cretan Stout, the Harma Weiss, and the American Pilsner among others.

Girl in Balos beach.

Girl in Balos beach

But don't just take our word for it. Travel to the Cretan city of Chania and schedule a guided tour to the Charma Brewery to see the preparation process and have a complete beer tasting experience along with local dishes and appetizers. Find more information at  www.cretanbeer.gr.

Solo Beer

Heraklion city has many beers.

Heraklion city has many beers

The city of Heraklion has its own award-winning craft beer. The Solo label includes varieties with a strong aroma, the most popular of which are:

  • Solo Choriatiki–Saison: a Greek take on the classic Belgian beer. Its dry, fruitful, refreshing and rustic character was honored with the bronze medal at the International Beer Cup in 2017.

  • American Solo–Pale Ale: with spicy notes of pine and fruit that perfect compliments your pizza or seafood on any given summer night in Crete.

  • Solo Askianos–Porter: this delicate dark received a gold medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2017.

  • Solo Skotidi–Imperial Stout: the black, rich, roasted and bulky stout was awarded the silver medal in 2017 at the International Beer Cup.

Visit www.solobeer.gr to learn more about the labels, book a tour to visit the 300 square meter brewery that is housed in an industrial building at the city of Heraklion and taste its different award-winning craft beer varieties.
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Tinos Island – NISSOS Beer

Summer in Greece with cold beer.

Summer in Greece with cold beer

In addition to being home to the largest church in Greece, our Lady of Tinos (Panagia Evangelistria), the island of Tinos also features magnificent sandy beaches, traditional settlements, and since 2012 an award-winning local beer. NISSOS, a proud ambassador of the Tinos island (Nissos means island in Greek), crossed the borders of Greece and brought back home several awards in the recent years. In 2020, the NISSOS Tholi label won the silver medal in the British International Beer Challenge. In 2019, NISSOS 7 BEAUFORT won the gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. In addition to the awards for the taste and quality of its beer, NISSOS Microbrewery was voted National Champion in 2014/2015 at the European Business Awards, for Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship. Some of the labels you should taste are:

  • NISSOS Greek Island Pilsner, a beer with rich golden copper color and a silver metal award in the European Beer Star Competition of 2014.

  • NISSOS Bio All-Day, ideal for those who avoid gluten.

  • NISSOS 7 BEAUFORT, a dark beer and white-beige creamy durable foam and with 7% alcohol.

  • NISSOS Tholi, a refreshing beer with citrus aroma.

  • NISSOS Abbey-Style Double Ale, with deep red color and a sweet and spicy flavor.

Visit the island and schedule a tour to the NISSOS microbrewery. Find all the information you need on the brewery's  website.

Santorini - Santorini Brewery Company

Santorini island with beautiful view.

Santorini island with beautiful view

Since 2014, the cosmopolitan Aegean island of Santorini has been producing its own beer. The donkeys, that are so closely associated with the island of Santorini, are now part of the Donkey beer labels, and we absolutely love it! Here's a list of donkey labels that are worth trying:

  • Yellow Donkey: a mixture of hops from different places around the world that produces a refreshing citrusy taste with the added benefit of natural antioxidants and antibacterial elements. An absolute must try!

  • Red Donkey: A chestnut hue full-bodied beer with a fruity taste.

  • Crazy Donkey: The first IPA (India Pale Ale) ever produced in Greece.

  • White Donkey: an unexpected Weiss beer with crisp acidity and exotic citrus aromas.

  • Slow Donkey: With slow maturation in oak and acacia barrels, the most “Santorinian” label of the brand is produced only once or twice a year

  • Lazy Ass: a refreshing fruity and spicy Lager.

Do you want to know more about the place and the brewing process? Find useful information at www.santorinibrewingcompany.gr  and schedule a tour right after your daily trip at Santorini's volcano.

VOLKAN Brewery

Octopus, beer and the sun.

Octopus, beer and the sun

The name gives it away! Born in the volcanic island of Santorini, VOLKAN beers are a combination of Santorini honey and Naxos citrus, two of the most distinctive ingredients of the Aegean. Here are the labels:

  • VOLKAN Santorini Blonde: the flagship brew is a Pilsner with balanced taste and light notes of ginger. In 2013 it was awarded with the "New Product of the Year" at the International Beer Awards.

  • VOLKAN Santorini Black: a Dunkel light black wheat lager with chocolate notes.

  • VOLKAN Gray: Inspired by the thick grey September fog during the month of September in Santorini, is a crisp wheat lager with hints of honey and bergamot and a thick white foam.

  • VOLKAN White: Inspired by the white washed cliff dwelling of Santorini, this is a light blonde lager with flavors of yellow fruits and a hint of honey and a strong aroma blend of pineapple, lemon and bitter orange. Absolutely thirst-quenching!

Chios Island - Chios Microbrewery

Medieval Chios Island view.

Medieval Chios Island view

The island of Chios is widely known for its popular mastic and mastic products that you can find in Greece and abroad. But mastic-flavored beer? Well, that's innovation for you, which the Microbrewery of Chios achieved when it produced the mastic-flavored Chios Beer. Here's some of the Chios Beer labels:

  • Fresh Chios Beer: A golden pale ale brewed in small batches.

  • Chios Beer Barbeque: Smoky with wood flavor.

  • Chios Beer Wheat: the one of a kind taste that combines malt with mastic.

  • Chios Beer IPA: brewed with whole hops in small batches.

Find out more about the Chios Beer microbrewery at www.chiosbeer.gr  and visit the small brewery that is located at the Kampos area of Chios to enjoy a beer or two!

Mykonos - Microbrewery of Mykonos

The beautiful port of Mykonos island.

The beautiful port of Mykonos island

Last but not least on our series of islands with local bear production is Mykonos. The ultimate jetsetter destination is also home to the Mykonos Brewery Co. The first and only craft brewery on the island that proudly produces the Mikonu Craft Beer. Quench your thirst during a hot summer day at the Elia beach with any of the Mikonu beer labels, most of which have received several Greek Beer Awards. Here's some of them:

  • Blonde Saison, the flagship of the brand! A white blonde with huge foam and fruity yeast aromas, that won the 2019 Bronze Greek Beer.

  • Bohemian, a refreshing fruity Pilsner, winner of the 2020 Gold Greek Beer Award.

  • Sorachi Ace Saison, a twist on the Blonde Saison recipe brewed entirely with the Japanese hop "Sorachi Ace".

  • Barrel Aged 2017 Belgian Ale, a barrel aged blonde Ale with a spicy kick, winner of the 2018 Gold Greek Beer Award.

Find out more information about the brewery and its labels at www.mikonu.gr and schedule a fun beer tasting tour to try them all!

Get ready for the most "intoxicating" vacation to the Greek islands. Drink responsibly and enjoy carefree evenings with your friends and loved ones under the starry Greek summer sky. Plan your vacation safely, following the health protocols for the prevention of the COVID 19 spread. Make your reservation online at Let's Ferry and get your tickets delivered to your home or pick them up at the port.