Adventurous experiences around the Greek islands

Get ready to experience the great outdoors with your friends, family or just yourself. Come properly prepared, bring the right gear and a positive mindset and stay safe.
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Are you a fan of active travel and adventurous vacations? How about hiking through trails and climbing mountains from where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea? If this sounds enticing, we have put together some additional suggestions for mountain climbing and mountaineering destinations on the Greek islands. Rock your vacations on these Greek islands that are full of … mountain peaks!

Stroll alongside rare bird species, explore the most exciting areas included in the Natura 2000 European Union Project, and experience the thrills of mountain climbing and mountaineering holidays. Conquer the tops of the Greek island mountains, enjoy from atop the views of villages and settlements perched on hills, let your gaze wander off into the horizon where the blue of the sky and the sea melt into one. So, gear up! Put on your sport shoes, get plenty of water and light snacks! Find your destination, hike or climb to places in nature that often roads cannot reach. When you reach the top of the mountain, close your eyes, feel the wind and the sun on your skin. Fill up your lungs with fresh air. Take deep breaths. Find joy in the moment.

Remember there are mountain clubs you can reach out to for more information and tips. Get ready to experience the great outdoors with your friends, family or just yourself. Come properly prepared, bring the right gear and a positive mindset and stay safe. But first, visit Let’s Ferry and book your cheap ferry tickets to one of the following destinations!

1. Anafi

The small island of Anafi, located east of Santorini, is the ideal island destination for fans of mountain climbing. Sparsely populated, it has just two villages, one by the port and the other one on top of the mountain. Anafi is also home to Kalamos - the second highest monolith of the Mediterranean after Gibraltar. The Kalamos Rock peaks slightly over 450 meters above sea level and it is a popular climbing spot with tourists from all over the world visiting Anafi primarily to see or climb the rock. Climb up to the Church of Panagia Kalamiotisa at the top of Mount Kalamos, which is celebrated every September 7th. This whole area is part of the NATURA 2000 Project.

The Church of Panagia Kalamiotisa at the top of Mount Kalamos

The Church of Panagia Kalamiotisa at the top of Mount Kalamos

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2. Ikaria

Known as the island of wine and festivals, Ikaria offers a unique morphology and biodiversity, making it very attractive to adventure lovers. Mount Atheras is the backbone of the island, connecting the west with the east part of the island and offering visitors landscapes of pristine and wild natural beauty. At approximately 1040 meters, it is not very high. Hiking or climbing it, you’ll get to enjoy a diverse combination of green hills, craggy slopes, mineral springs and fresh water lagoons. There are also some seriously rugged rocks for the experienced mountain climbers! A true gem for those who enjoy wild natural beauty.

The Monastery of Theoktistis in Ikaria

The Monastery of Theoktistis in Ikaria

Stroll through the old-cobbled alleys of the city on a cloudy day and get to know the locals and the history of the island. Mingle with other hikers around the Raches hiking trail. Its 25 kilometers route will take you to all must-see places but beware: avoid the hike during the middle of the day. Last but not least, explore the trail that crosses Halari Gorge, the largest river of Ikaria.

3. Kefalonia

On the island of Kefalonia, you will find the tallest mountain of the Ionian Sea islands, Mount Ainos. Peaking at 1,628 meters, you can hike to the top of the mountain following the Megas Soros trail, a truly impressive route that goes through green mountain slopes covered with forests. Enjoy the rejuvenating hike and natural beauty around you and take plenty of pictures. You’ll walk under black pines, find semi wild peonies and pass through fir forests. The frequent rainfalls in Kefalonia make it one of the greenest islands in Greece. Combined with the turquoise water of the Ionian sea, the island evokes an exotic vibe.

Vouti beach in Kefalonia island

Vouti beach in Kefalonia island

The locals are likely to point you to another trail that combines hiking and mountain climbing. It starts nearby the port of Poros and ends at the Grados Waterfalls. The waterfall may dry up during the summer, but in the springtime you can enjoy a rejuvenating dip in its crystal clear waters!
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4. Samothraki

Mount Saos is the "holy grail" of hikers and mountain climbers. Its altitude reaches 1,600 meters and is one of the highest mountains of the Aegean Sea. The locals refer to it as "The Moon," because it is so prominent that it often hides the moon. Reaching the summit of Mount Saos takes about four to five hours and requires some level of experience. Starting from Therma, you’ll pass through dirty roads, paths covered with shrubbery, oak forests and canyons, and you’ll have to climb through a rocky terrain to the top of the mountain. This hike will leave you feeling like you’re visiting an outdoor museum of natural history. According to the Ancient Greek poet Homer, the mountain was Poseidon’s observatory during the Trojan War.

Vathra in Samothraki island

The gorge Vathra in Samothraki

Water flowing from the mountain slopes into streams, archeological finds and myths about the Kaberian Mysteries, make this a fascinating trail to explore. For beginners, the Samothraki gorges - the most famous being Fonias and Gria Vathra - are excellent alternatives. These beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes are the perfect places to cool down after a hike on a hot summer day. The higher you hike the more the landscape looks like it’s taken straight out of a fairy tale.

5. Sifnos

The best way to visit the island’s landmarks are through its hiking trails. Towers, mines, and citadels dating back to the ancient times, emerge from hiking trails that are easily accessible to all. A popular route that offers spectacular views, is the climb to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of the Mountain (Panagia Vounou), built in 1813. The trail starts from the golden-sand beach of Platis Gialos. Another trail worth exploring is that of Profitis Ilias, where you will hike through areas protected by the Natura 2000 EU Project. Sifnos has waymarked trails and belongs to the World Trails Network Program, a worldwide program that contributes to the creation, enhancement and protection of outstanding trail experience.

The Monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi in Sifnos

The Monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi in Sifnos

Opt for active and adventurous vacations this time around! Explore the beauty found in nature, test your limits and feel your adrenaline soar. Who says the Greek Islands are only about sunbathing and chilling?
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