Ferry routes from greek islands to Turkey

The ferry connection of the Greek islands with the coasts of Turkey and Izmir restarts after 2 years.
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One of the trips tourists love to go on, is Greece - Turkey by boat, and now, with the COVID sea-travel restrictions being lifted as of April 1st, is the perfect time for it. Istanbul is interesting and beautiful, but there are so many other beautiful spots washed by the Aegean. Start your journey from a Greek port and reach the beautiful shores of the neighboring country. Golden sandy beaches, paved settlements, luxury resorts, are just some of the gems you will discover in Turkey.
Before you plan your holiday, check out all the available itineraries, what documents are needed for a trip to Turkey and our offers for a trip to Turkey. Book tickets to Turkey from Let’s Ferry by choosing convenient online booking and web check-in.

Available itineraries for traveling to Turkey

Kos - Bodrum by boat
The boat trip Kos - Bodrum takes only 50 minutes. Bodrum is the ancient Alikarnassos, home of Herodotus. Here you will find one of the seven wonders of the world, the Mausoleum of Bodrum, built between 353-350 BC. The Bodrum Kalesi ve Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi (Bodrum Castle), built in 1400, is located by the sea. Bodrum has one of the best and most luxurious tourist facilities, as well as a vivid nightlife.

The castle of Bodrum
The castle of Bodrum

Transportation: From Kos to Bodrum by boat. From there by car or bus to Milas - Bodrum, the city airport. By car or bus you will go from Bodrum – Smyrna/Izmir and from Bodrum - Istanbul.

Rhodes - Fethiye by boat
Of course the island of the Dodecanese is connected by ferry with the neighboring country! The Rhodes - Fethiye route lasts an hour and a half and carries not only tourists, but also residents of the two countries who travel frequently back and forth for shopping, entertainment or business. The area used to be called Makri and it is considered one of the lowest budget destinations on the Turkish coast. Here you can visit the ancient tombs of Lycia that are carved in rocks. At the same time, the beaches are rare beauties, with the most popular one being the well-organized Iztuzu. It is also known as "Turtle Beach", since loggerhead turtles chose this very spot for breeding. With a few clicks you will find any information you need at Let’s Ferry.

The port of Fethiye
The port of Fethiye

Transportation: From Rhodes - Fethiye by boat and from there by bus or car to Smyrna/Izmir. Antalya Airport is 200 km away and can be reached by car or bus.

Rhodes - Marmaris by boat
Marmaris is part of the Turkish Riviera and it is a cosmopolitan resort. During the summer it is jam packed with tourists as well as luxury yachts that are moored in its marinas. The city is full of five star resorts and water parks, while its beautiful canal hosts cafés and restaurants. The 16th-century Marmaris Castle, the Dolphin Park and the Ancient Marmaris Amphitheater are some of the most famous attractions you will visit. Discover the 6 km coastline, beach bars and turquoise creeks, sailing on a boat. If you love adventure, choose one of the 50 diving spots to swim next to sea turtles and into the impressive seabed of the area. The Rhodes - Marmaris route lasts 1 hour and you will find tickets at Let’s Ferry. How to get there: From Rhodes to Marmaris by boat and from there by bus or car from to Smyrna, and by bus or car from Marmaris-Antalya.

Chios - Cesme by boat
Another popular way to travel to Turkey by boat is to enjoy the route Chios - Cesme. Within 35 minutes you have reached a completely different continent and you can start your exploration. You can also take a day trip to visit Alatsati, a cosmopolitan resort also known as " Turkey’s Mykonos". Smyrna/ Izmir is 1 hour away from Cesme and there is a good transportation network that will make your trip far easier. Tickets for Turkey can be found at Let’s Ferry.

Cesme in Turkey
Cesme in Turkey

Transportation: From Chios to Cesme by boat and from there by bus or car from Cesme to Alatsati, and by bus or car from Cesme-Izmir.

Samos - Kusadasi by boat
The route Vathi (Samos) - Kusadasi lasts 90 minutes. The area was formerly known as Neapolis, and every summer it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Take a walk in the Grand Bazaar, where you will find hookahs and oriental fabrics. If you have children, or if you like playing in the water, you should visit Adaland, the largest water park in Turkey. There is also the Tortuga Pirate Island Theme & Water Park, for pirate enthusiasts. 37 km from Kusadasi you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis.

The temple of Artemis
The temple of Artemis

Transportation: From Vathi - Kusadasi by boat and from there by bus or car to Smyrna/Izmir.

Mytilene - Turkey by boat
Another popular trip from Turkey to Greece and vice versa is Mytilene - Ayvalik. One of the most important sights of the area is the Museum of Pergamon, 60 km from the port. On the beaches of Ayvalik you will find many teachers that will guide you through the fun sport of kite surfing. In the alleys of the city you will find demolished houses and abandoned shops with Greek signs.

Transportation: From Mytilene to Ayvalik by boat. From there by car or bus you will reach Smyrna/Izmir. And from there on, you can fly to Istanbul. Otherwise you can take a bus for the route Ayvalik - Istanbul.

Traveling to Turkey during the Coronavirus pandemic
If you wish to travel to Turkey you need to be informed about the measures that apply to each ferry trip. Since COVID guidelines change every now and then, we advise you to check out the Let Ferry website again, a few days before you travel.

People in Cesme
People in Cesme

Greece - Turkey, necessary travel documents
You do not need a passport to travel to Turkey if you are a greek citizen. Just carry your ID with you and you are off. However, it is highly recommended that you have all your travel documents with you, if you are just visiting Greece and you are already in the country.
Pandemic regulations require all passengers to fill out the Passenger Locator Form. Demonstration of this form is mandatory before entering a foreign country, so you will need one before your trip to Turkey and a second one before returning to Greece.

Traveling to Turkey, offers
Search for cheap ferry tickets to Turkey here at Let’s Ferry. Find hotels and rooms online, where you are more likely to get special offers. Most parts of the country and hotels accept euros.

This is the year to visit the beautiful Turkish beaches, and discover an up-and-coming tourist destination, by combining your trip with a stay in one of the incredible greek islands. Whether you depart from Athens or one of the islands, find the right itineraries for Turkey at Let’s Ferry and may you have safe travels. Remember, just a few clicks can take you to another continent!