Tinos, the island of contrasts

Tinos, is an inexhaustible destination with distinctive architecture, heavenly beaches and cool courtyards in small taverns overlooking the Aegean.
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Tinos is one of the most popular pilgrimige destinations in Greece. But for those who know the island a bit better, it is an inexhaustible destination with distinctive architecture, heavenly beaches and cool courtyards in small taverns overlooking the Aegean.
It is the third largest island of the Cyclades, it has 62 settlements, over 1000 chapels, while more than 8,000 people have chosen Tinos as their permanent residence. The mountain or sea dilemma does not exist in Tinos, since the natural landscapes here constantly change. You will find many beaches, bays and capes, while the tallest mountain of the island is Tsiknias with a height of 726 meters. In the center of the island, the rock of Exombourgos is a dominant feature. The island has managed to bring in visitors of all ages, which makes it clear that Tinos is ideal for holidays.
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traditional house in Tinos

Beautiful traditional house in Tinos

Sightseeing in Tinos

Take the time to go on excursions outside the town of Tinos to see the "must visit" settlements with their impressive architecture and 600 pigeon houses found around the island. On the island you will also see the granite blocks in the villages of Voliaka and Volakas. In the seaside settlement of Ysternia, the famous Tinos Marble is produced, while there is also the Museum of Ysterniot Artists. There you will also see the picturesque windmills that dominate the view from afar. Very close to Chora you will find the Temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite, in Kionia.

Tinos traditional cafe

Traditional Cafe in Tinos island

You must stop at the famous Pyrgos village where there is the School of Fine Arts, the Giannoulis Halepa Museum and the Marble Museum. Falatados is home to a subversive attraction, the Cartoon Museum, the only one found in Southeast Europe. If you are looking for the greenest village in Tinos, you will go to Agapi, where lush vegetation, a small river and a photogenic valley are expecting you.

Hiking in Tinos

Tinos is also famous for its hiking trails, at least 150 kilometers long. Whether you're a seasoned hiker and want spectacular coastal trails, or want an easy route to have fun with the kids, there's a suitable route for everyone at this magical time of year! Visit www.tinostrails.gr and find the route that suits you!

Tasty routes in Tinos

If you are wondering what to eat on the island, a vivid festival is the best way to introduce you to the secrets of Tinian cuisine. Tinos Food Paths is a culinary event organized by professionals of the island who aim to connect taste with the tradition of the island. In Vaia of Tinos is the NISOS brewery, where internationally awarded beers are produced. Check out their website to book a visit and a tasting, of course. In the second largest village of the island, Falatados, you must try the local wines and raki.

What to eat in Tinos

Traditional food in Tinos

Tinos on the fifteenth of August

It is one of the islands with a deep religious heritage and one of the most important centers of Christianity. On the 15th of August all the attention focuses on the Church of The Virgin Mary of Tinos. The celebration is so big and important that a large number of visitors travel just for a day trip to Tinos or try, months in advance, to find accommodation even for one night. The pilgrimage to the miraculous icon of Mary the Evangelistria gathers believers from every corner of Greece and abroad.

The impressive Church of Virgin Mary in Tinos

The Holy Temple of Virgin Mary in Tinos

During these days, the island carries a deeply religious character and you will often see people on their knees going from the harbor to the Holy Temple of Megalochari Tinos.

Accommodation in the villages of Tinos

As in almost all the islands, there are plenty of hotels near the port. But many visitors choose to stay in the villages of Tinos, where one can enjoy the authentic island vibe and traditional houses. Colored houses with the scent of Cyclades, bougainvilleas perched on the balconies and stone alleys, will offer you the setting of a unique experience.

Diving on the beaches of Tinos

Hidden, sandy, long, shallow, pebbly, Tinos features beaches for everyone! The best way to choose the right one is to follow the wind, especially in August with the meltemi winds imposing their powerful whims. The sheltered waters at Kalivia in Tinos attract many visitors, becoming the most popular place to go swimming. The Warehouse and Pachia Ammos are located between two rocks. Livada beach is beautiful with its fine sand.

Sandy beach near Panormos in Tinos

Sandy beach near Panormos in Tinos

The jewel of the island, is considered the unorganized Santa Margarita. Kionia is one of the most secular and organized ones, with a long sandy beach and several shops to accomodate visitors. Agios Fokas is next to Chora and you can also visit the beach on foot. It has golden sand and is quite long, just like Skylantari, a beach that features thick natural shade.

Tinos island hopping

The island is 1.5 hours away from Andros, 30 minutes from Syros and 20 minutes from Mykonos. You can organize a day trip to one of these three islands to see the captain's houses of Andros, eat delicious sweets and cheeses in Syros and party until dawn in Mykonos.

Kolympithres beach in Tinos island

Kolympithres beach in Tinos island

Transfer to Tinos

The Rafina - Tinos route is one of the most popular ones. Apart from Rafina, Tinos is connected to Piraeus, Lavrio, Andros, Vathi and Karlovasi in Samos, Evdilo in Ikaria, Thessaloniki, Ios, Karystos, Kea, Koufonissi, Kythnos, Lemnos, Mykonos, Mytilini, Naxos, Paros, Santorini and Syros. The closest airport to Tinos is Mykonos.
Tinos is a popular holiday destination for travelers who want to discover places with a traditional flavor. Low budget escapes, short holidays, you can do anything you want here. But first book your ferries to Tinos here, at Let's Ferry.