What can you do in Greece in 3 days?

See 5 alternative ideas to organize the best escape in Greek islands for a three-day getaway! The first three-day weekend of summer have arrived!
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The first summer getaway is near! Pack your bags and plan unforgettable getaways for the three day-weekend of the Holy Spirit. Book tickets right here at Let's Ferry for your favorite destination and get a taste of summer vacations!

When is Holy Spirit Monday in 2022 and what do we celebrate?

This year, the Holy Spirit weekend begins on Saturday 11th of June, because the Holy Spirit Monday is on 13th of June 2022. If you can leave work by Friday noon, even better! The holiday is religious, and it is celebrated the day after the Pentecost. It is moveable because it is determined by the date of Easter. It is also called "Whit Monday" because of the white garments formerly worn by those newly baptized on the Whit Sunday Pentecost feast.

Three-day getaways to nearby islands

Why waste your time traveling far away? If you do not want to miss a minute of your precious three day-break, choose nearby destinations. Travel to the Saronic Gulf quickly, easily and safely leaving behind the bustling capital.


It takes just an hour to switch from the cityscape into an exotic little island. Agistri is a paradise near Athens that has everything: Many accommodation choices in Skala and Megalochori, the two main settlements of the island. You will not need a car on the island, as you can go about it by bike, bus or taxi. As for beaches, it has many for every type of visitor: Organized, with soft sand in Skala. Here there are also many taverns and cafes. At the back of the island you will find Aponisos, a fantastic beach with turquoise waters, the same as those found in exotic islands. Mariza is located on the south side of the island and is unorganized and with rocks, ideal for diving. Halikiada is close to Skala and you will reach it through a path. It is nudist-friendly, and here you can even indulge in free camping.

Paradise beach Aponisos in Agistri island

Paradise beach Aponisos in Agistri island


The cosmopolitan island of the Saronic Gulf is an ideal destination for a three days weekend. It is one of the islands that you can explore without a car, since in Spetses traffic is prohibited. Sea taxis, buses, carriages and some taxis will take you wherever you want. The island of aromas, as the Venetians called it, has enchanting routes both by the sea and through the labyrinths of the settlements. The most famous stroll is from the Old Port and the shipyards to the Anargyrio and Korgialenio School. The rich history of the island is hosted in the Mansion of Bouboulina and the Museum of Spetses, in the area of ​​Dapia. As for beaches, if you want to stay close to the port and avoid the crowds, you will swim in Garyfallos or Ligoneri. Spetses beach is organized with a beach bar and water sports. At the other side of the island you will find the pebble-clad Agia Paraskevi and Xylokeriza beaches. With one click at Let's Ferry you will find all the itineraries and cheap ferries to Spetses!

Sea view landscape in Spetses island

Sea view landscape in Spetses island

Three-day getaway in the Cyclades

The Cyclades is always a good idea! The speedboats get you there in no time, plus a three-day weekend doesn't come with strong winds, the islands of the Cycladic complex are ideal for the three days ahead. Get ideas below!


The island of great contrasts offers many reasons to visit it. Initially due to the fact that it is a well-known party destination, since the nightlife in Ios is famous to both Greek and foreign tourists. On the other hand, the island has a traditional character, with remarkable examples of Cycladic architecture. Of course Ios has to offer a wide variety of beaches, many of which have been distinguished with a Blue Flag: In Mylopotas, the heart of the island beats all day. Enjoy beach bars, music and water sports on a sandy beach that stretches for 1 km. Manganari is located at the back of the island, it has sunbeds, umbrellas and shops in several places and you will make time to forget its dazzling turquoise waters. Sapounohoma and Pikri Nero are more isolated and you will only reach them by boat.

Sandy beach in Ios

Sandy beach in Ios with crystal-clear waters


It is one of the top destinations for 2022 and the truth is that the popularity of the island is gradually growing every year. First of all, the island is an important center of religious tourism due to Our Lady of Tinos which gathers pilgrims all year round. But it has much more to offer! As you will discover for yourself, the villages of Tinos hold special surprises. The pigeon houses, the traditional settlement of Pyrgos and the windmills, give the island its special aesthetics. The beaches here are just another surprise for the visitors: Untouched, with transparent waters and shimmering sand. Check out Apigania, Pachia Ammos, Santa Margarita and Vathi. But if you are looking for beach bars, sunbeds and lounge music, Kolimbithra, Kalivia and Kionia are the ones for you.

Sandy beach in Tinos

Sandy beach in Tinos


Do not be intimidated by the distance, in less than 4 hours you can reach Folegandros by speedboat. It is a low profile island, with relaxed vibes and hidden beauties. The island Chora is built at an altitude of 200 meters from the sea and the square of Pounta in the Castle is rather impressive. Here you will find everything you need from taverns, bars, rooms to let and services such as ATMs. For your dives, rent a boat to see the unexplored beaches such as the sea cave of Georgitsis, Katergo and Agios Nikolaos. If you need a more structured experience, swim in Livadi and Hochlidia.

View in Chora of Folegandros

View in Chora of Folegandros

Celebrate the beginning of summer by planning a long weekend trip. Choose the destination that suits you, find out special offers that apply during the Holy Spirit weekend of 2022 and book your ferry tickets right now!