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Baleària is the trading name of the Spanish shipping company Baleària Eurolíneas Marítimas S.A. The company operates routes in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. In the Mediterranean region, Baleària operates domestic routes within Spain to the Balearic Islands from Denia, Valencia and Barcelona. The company also operates routes across the Strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras to Ceuta and Tangier. In North America, Baleària operates regular international ferry services between the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States and Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.


The experience and leadership skills of Mr. Utor, as well as the commitment of a select group of people, led to the creation of Baleària. It was founded on June 20, 1998, with 16 founding partners and 126 employees. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to new technologies, constantly improving the fleet and opening new lines. In 2005, Baleària merged with Umafisa, owned by the Matutes family, with Utor remaining the majority shareholder until the end of 2021, when he became the sole shareholder. Today, Baleària is the leading shipping group in Spain with almost 25 years of history in the maritime transport of passengers, vehicles and goods, with routes connecting the Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla on a daily basis. It is also the only shipping company that connects the four islands in the Balearic archipelago. Internationally, it operates in North Africa (Morocco and Algeria) and southern France and connects the United States to the Bahamas. The company's growth is based on its realization that it is a local shipping company with an international perspective. The company's mission is to renew daily its commitment to the well-being of the citizens of the regions in which it operates. Baleària aspires to be a good company, committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, an eco-efficient fleet and digital transformation. With the same energy and enthusiasm from the beginning, the chairman of Baleària continues to work to ensure that the shipping company he manages continues to conquer new ports. It's no coincidence that he names his ships after women like Hypatia of Alexandria, Marie Curie and Eleanor Roosevelt, all civil rights pioneers and activists. With these important gestures Baleària pays tribute and its commitment to modernity, innovation and excellence.

Popular routes of Baleària

From Barcelona
Ferry Barcelona - Ibiza
Ferry Barcelona - Mallorca
Ferry Barcelona - Menorca
Ferry Barcelona - Formentera

From Denia
Ferry Dénia - Ibiza
Ferry Dénia - Mallorca
Ferry Dénia - Formentera

From Formentera
Ferry Formentera - Ibiza
Ferry Formentera - Dénia
Ferry Formentera - Mallorca
Ferry Formentera - Barcelona
Ferry Formentera - Valencia

From Ibiza
Ferry Ibiza - Barcelona
Ferry Ibiza - Dénia
Ferry Ibiza - Mallorca
Ferry Ibiza - Formentera
Ferry Ibiza - Valencia

From Mallorca
Ferry Mallorca - Barcelona
Ferry Mallorca - Ibiza
Ferry Mallorca - Menorca
Ferry Mallorca - Dénia
Ferry Mallorca - Valencia
Ferry Mallorca - Formentera

From Menorca
Ferry Menorca - Barcelona
Ferry Menorca - Mallorca

From Valencia
Ferry Valencia - Mallorca
Ferry Valencia - Ibiza
Ferry Valencia - Formentera

What is the Baleària Members Club?

Baleària Club gives its members access to incredible rewards and exclusive benefits. How do I get my points? You receive your points upon boarding, depending on your level and the route you choose. What membership levels does the Baleària Club have? There are 3 levels in the Baleària Club, which are automatically achieved according to the points earned in the last 18 months and which must be maintained for the next 18 months.


Baleària has a fleet of thirty ships. Some of them are:
Abel Matutes
Avemar Dos
Bahama Mama
Cecilia Payne
Cecilia Payne
Dénia Ciutat Creativa
Eco Aire
Eco Aqua
Eco Lux
Eco Terra
Formentera Direct
Hedy Lamarr
Hypatia de Alejandría
Jaume I
Jaume II
Jaume III
Martín i Soler
Passió Per Formentera
Poeta López Anglada
Ramón Llull