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MOBY is the leading shipping company in Italy in transporting cars and passengers to the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean: Sardinia, Corsica and Elba Island and, thanks to a partnership with St. Peter Line, became an ambassador of "Made in Italy" in the Baltic Sea as well, offering cruises to St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. The Company is currently in its fifth generation of ship owners, with a fleet of 20 ships that in 2018 will make more than 13,000 departures. It is the first line in the world to have decorated the sides of its ships with the legendary Warner Bros. Looney Tunes MOBY is the quintessential family company, where enjoyment, pampering surroundings, quality service and great food are the first thrill of your vacation. For three consecutive years, MOBY has been awarded the Seal of Quality for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and was voted by passengers as the best cruise company in the Italia Travel Awards 2017. On January 2, 2012, MOBY acquired Toremar, Compagnia Regionale Toscana and in July 2015 100% of Tirrenia. Thanks to the synergies between the three companies, MOBY has become the leading Italian shipping company for Mediterranean routes.

The fleet:
Moby Aki
Moby Wonder
Moby Ale
Moby Vincent
Tirrenia Bithia
Tirrenia Nuraghes
Tirrenia Sharden
Toremar Liburna
Toremar Schiopparello Jet

Moby's investment in new ships and new itineraries, innovative services, pricing strategies, strict quality-driven recruitment policy and uncompromising attention to safety and the environment make up Moby's great success as a leading shipping company.

Indicative itineraries of the company are:
Genoa - Olbia
Livorno - Bastia
Livorno - Olbia
Piombino - Olbia
Bonifacio - S. T. di Gallura

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