Holidays on a budget

Which islands are budget friendly destinations in 2022? You only need organization and flexibility, as well as the willingness to escape from the stereotypes that you have been taught around the concept of summer.
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Dreaming of a summer holiday in the islands, but the prices leave you stone cold? Greece has dozens of islands to offer, a fact that makes the country an inexhaustible destination that fits all travel styles. You only need organization and flexibility, as well as the willingness to escape from the stereotypes that you have been taught around the concept of summer. Even for tourists, who are looking for cheap trips in Europe, Greece is high in their preferences.

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What are the basic tips for planning cheap island holidays?
If you can make a few changes to your summer planning, then vacationing on a Greek island is not an elusive dream. Follow three simple tips:
• Avoid traveling during the high season, i.e. July 20 to August 15. Prices vary considerably before and after this timeframe.
• Book your holiday package as early as possible. If you are looking for cheap hotel rooms in the islands, you will see that there are plenty of offers if you book them on weekdays or offer discounts if you choose to book your stay for several days.
• Prefer Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Milos at the beginning or end of each season, when you will find better prices. There are many unexplored islands to go to in the heart of summer, which are not so crowded, but have amazing beauty to offer. Nisyros, Kalymnos, Kos, Thassos, Fourni, Diapontia islands, are some of the ideas that you should seriously consider.

The Temple of Aphaia in Aegina island

What are the economic islands near Athens?
The Saronic Gulf islands and those around Attica are islands with cheap ferry tickets (Aegina, Agistri and Kea). They have all you can ask for in an island and they can easily become your favorite summer destination, where you will enjoy swimming in isolated or popular beaches, try traditional recipes and sweets, and walk on cobblestoned alleys. All three islands are just an hour away from the capital of Greece. In Aegina, which is one of the cheapest islands from Piraeus, you will find accommodation both in the town of Aegina and in Agia Marina.

Skala village in Agistri

Skala village in Agistri

There is a good transportation network if you don't want to travel by car, and the island has two ports. In Agistri you will find many accommodations in Skala and Megalochori. The island's beaches have turquoise waters, they are spotless and many of them are organized.

Kea's island with sea view

Sea view in Kea's island

Kea, also known as Tzia, is more easily accessible from the port of Lavrio and has a fairly good transportation network. We suggest you look for accommodation in Ioulida, but also the port, Korissia.

How do I find cheap hotels on the islands?
There are many options for accommodation on the Greek islands. From campsites to rooms-to-let, as well as hotels with decent facilities that want to make their guests feel like royalty. You just have to have time and patience to discover them. To be sure that you will not become a victim of scam, book through a reliable booking platform or directly with the hotel. Ask for details,such as floor, facilities, location, so as to be sure you will stay in the room you paid for. Do not give an advance if you are not sure that you have found what you are looking for or that the money will go where it should. Also look for any discounts and offers like more days for a lower price.


Sandy beach in Antiparos

Are there cheap islands for students?

The bigger your group, the better for everyone, since plenty of expenses can be shared. First of all, it's easier to rent a car or book ferries with a vehicle. Also, most students love camping and you can look for islands with organized facilities, like Serifos, Paros, Antiparos, Ios, Naxos, etc. You can of course also give glamping  a chance, which is the new travel trend of luxury camping. Finally, don't forget the Small Cyclades. In July and September, they are excellent ideas for holidays since they are super low budget destinations.

View in Serifos town

View in Serifos town

Where can I spend affordable holidays with children?

When you travel with children, they become your priority. It is important to find destinations that, in addition to beaches with shallow waters, will also have activities for children, so that their holidays become even more interesting. The list of islands that are ideal for family holidays  is long: From Crete and Kefalonia to Samos, Chios and Mytilene.

Kokkari village in Samos

Kokkari village in Samos

Discover offers on family cruises and cabin reservations and remember to book early. Also, many hotels offer all-inclusive holidays where all meals are paid for, which is very convenient for many families. There are several cheap destinations in Greece that are waiting for you in order to offer you unique experiences. With a traditional vibe, cobblestoned streets, whitewashed houses and crystal beaches. Plan the best holidays-on-a-budget by starting with cheap ferries through Let's Ferry.