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Perfect islands for lonely travelers.
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As the trend of the lonely traveler grows more and more around the world (with a little help from covid, and a little more from the ever-growing trend of remote working), travelers around the world have slowly begun to look for the ideal destinations for solo travels in style. If you are wondering where on earth these destinations are, they’re exactly where you feel comfortable being on your own but, if you wish, you can mingle with the crowds any time you feel like it. We have collected for you the best solo destinations in the Greek islands, from where you will come back with your suitcases packed with experiences and knowledge that you could not have experienced if you traveled with friends.

Why travel solo?
If you need more inspiration, check out some of the most common reasons before you book your ferry tickets easily and securely with Let’s Ferry:
- There is no one to travel with, everyone’s working or studying.
- You are traveling for work. If you have to go to a conference, why not add a few days to your itinerary to get to know the place that has welcomed you?
- Spiritual isolation. Do you feel that you need a little space to rediscover yourself?
- Digital nomads. Working remotely is a privilege, especially for someone who loves to travel alone. A laptop and a boat you can grab easily with cheap ferry tickets from Let’s Ferry are an ideal lifestyle for those who can make it a reality.

Gazing at the sea
Gazing at the sea

Daily and regular itineraries just an hour away from Piraeus, and disembarkation on an island that has a lovely nightlife, plenty of amenities and traditional settlements to explore all by yourself. Whether you prefer to stay at the port or in Agia Marina, it is easy to get around by bus, since you do not even need to take your own vehicle to come here.

A cosmopolitan island, just 2 hours from the port of Rafina, Andros has a lot to offer its visitors. If you choose to travel any other season except during the summertime, you will discover the warm hospitality of the inhabitants by sparking up the conversation with them, while you will enjoy the beauty of the captain's houses of the island in your own leisure. For nature lovers, there are several activities organized on the island, like hiking on the Dipotamata River or the Pythara Waterfalls. Here, you get to know nature and people the best possible way!

The chora of Andros island
The Chora of Andros island

This is an island that visitors from all over Greece have access to, since it is connected to all the main cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina) with a very contemporary network. Lefkada has impressive beaches if you wish to be inspired in peace such as Egremni, Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. At the same time, everyday life here is easy, simple and pleasant, and you can move around quickly and simply.

Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada
Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada

You will travel through history and time on the island of the Knights. Castles, the medieval city that is under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage site, unique architecture and amenities usually found in large cities will make you wish you could extend your stay for much longer in Rhodes. Sights, culture, traditional events and exploring the surrounding islands will take you several days to enjoy and you will hardly have time to feel lonely.

On the castle of Rhodes
On the castle of Rhodes

Just a breath away from Volos, writer Papadiamantis' homeland combines green and blue hues better than all the islands combined. Traveling to Skiathos is a trip to nature in itself, since you get to reach areas protected by the Natura 2000 network, like the wider Koukounaries area. Apart from the popular beach that hosts water sports facilities, there is also the only pine habitat in the entire Mediterranean region. Enroll yourself on a day trip or explore solo.

Crystal blue waters in Skiathos
Crystal blue waters in Skiathos

This Cretan city has everything you would ask for if you travel without company. Dreamy beaches like Balos and Elafonissi, and unique gorges like Samaria and Therissos are waiting for you to get lost in their wonderful scenery. The Lighthouse of Chania is reason enough to hone your photographic talent, but before you leave, don’t forget to buy souvenirs for those you left behind. Chania has frequent bus services, while the city never sleeps. Go out, discover a nice restaurant and treat yourself to a delicious, traditional meal.
Safety, confidence and good preparation are all you need to make your solo trip a success. Start by browsing all the available itineraries with Let’s Ferry.