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Finnlines is a ro-ro and passenger shipping company in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. It is a subsidiary of the Grimaldi Group. Finnlines' maritime transport is concentrated in the Baltic and North Seas. Finnlines passenger-cargo ships offer services from Finland, Germany and via Åland in Sweden as well as from Sweden to Germany. The Company has subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. In addition to sea transport, the Company provides port services in Finland, Helsinki and Turku.

Finnlines' roll-on/roll-off services cover the Finnish ports of Hanko, Helsinki, Kotka, Turku and Uusikaupunki, offering connections to Russian, Estonian, Polish, German, Danish, British, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish ports.

HansaLink consists of three Star class ropax vessels connecting Helsinki and Travemünde. For passengers it is the only direct sea connection between Finland and mainland Europe.

NordöLink operates a ropax service between Malmö, Sweden and Travemünde, Germany. FinnLink operates between Naantali, Finland and Kapellskär, Sweden.

Finnlines is committed to long-term environmental efforts. With various investments in energy efficiency and eco-efficient services it aims at the future, as saving energy is the best way to reduce emissions and achieve immediate results. It constantly renews and develops its fleet with the latest technologies and innovations. The International Maritime Organization, IMO, has set an ambitious target of reducing the total annual GHG emissions from international shipping by 50% by 2050. To achieve the target, new technologies must be developed and alternative fuels produced in the coming years. Finnlines supports the transition to greener shipping and participates in the development of low-emission maritime transport.

Finnlines' popular routes
Helsinki - Travemunde
Malmo - Travemunde
Naantali - Langnas
Kapellskar - Langnas

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Travel the Baltic Sea region with Finnlines cargo-passenger ferries. It serves the Travemünde–Helsinki route with the comfortable and stable Star, Finnstar, Finnmaid and Finnlady class ships. With the comfortable ships Finnpartner, Finntrader and Finnfellow, up to three departures are served each day from Travemünde to Malmö and vice versa. You can travel from Sweden to Finland and the Åland Islands in comfort with Finnlines ships. Travel time from Kapellskär to Långnäs takes 3.5 hours and from Kapellskär to Naantali 8–9 hours. On this route you can only travel by vehicle (eg bicycle, motorbike, caravan).

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