Maistros Santorini N.E.
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Maistros Santorini N.E.

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Maistros Santorini Shipping Company belongs to the Boatmen Union of Santorini. The history of the Union coexists with the development of the island during the 20th century and is part of the wider maritime tradition of Thira. From the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri and the ships of the 18th century, to the huge majestic cruise ships that arrive in Fira, carrying all those who want to admire the beautiful island of Santorini even for a while...

Maistros Santorini was founded in 2015 and is based on the island of Santorini. In this way, the insular character of the Company is supported, while the routes (5 times a week) of their ship “Santorini”, to Folegandros, Ios, Sikinos and Anafi, contribute to the prosperity of these islands.

Santorini vessel is the second luxury passenger boat built exclusively in the island of Santorini and specifically at the Union's Santo Marine shipyard. It is a speedboat of 28.20m length and max speed of 27 knots, built in 2015 and can accommodate up to 200 passengers, but no vehicles.

When Santorini vessel was built, it was the flagship of the fleet of the Boatmen Union of Santorini, while it is a boat that set new standards in comfort, speed, safety and quality of service. In addition, it is designed to respond exceptionally well to the conditions of the Aegean Sea, due to the shape of the hull and the special stabilization system it has. After all, the safety of passengers and crew is fundamental to the activities of the Boatmen Union of Santorini and remains its highest priority.