Faraway destinations worth visiting

Often, faraway and secluded islands have the aura of a “hidden treasure” that makes every hour on the ferry worth traveling.
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Traveling for many hours on a ferry boat towards a faraway destination can be the beginning of a much wished for vacation. Often, faraway and secluded islands have the aura of a “hidden treasure” that makes every hour on the ferry worth traveling. The most romantic at heart spend their time on the ferry strolling at the deck enjoying the sea breeze, while others prefer the comforts and ease of a cabin. Visit letsferry.com to find the itineraries to the farthest away islands of the Aegean. And, when you plan your vacations, remember that the duration of a trip may change during the summer season (July and August) when the tourist traffic is higher. Added perk: at letsferry.com you can now check live the arrival time of your boat to the port of your destination.

Elafonissi beach with crystal waters
Elafonissi beach with crystal waters

Anafi - Estimated travel time 10 hours
If you are like “Anafiotika”, the quaint neighborhood of Athens located right below the Acropolis, wait until you get to the island of Anafi, where the craftsmen and workers that designed and built the Anafiotika neighborhood came from. Anafi is an island that fascinates adventure lovers! Its morphology differs a lot from that of a typical Cycladic island. Kalamos, the second largest monolith of Europe, after the Rock of Gibraltar, is a popular climbing destination. The island offers many pristine and isolated beaches waiting to be discovered! Cool off in their crystal waters and enjoy the golden sandy beaches, like that of Megalos Roukounas.

The beautiful church in Anafi island
The beautiful church in Anafi island

Crete - Estimated travel time 8 hours
From Piraeus, the ship sets sail towards the Megalonisos shortly after the sunset. No matter which of the five ports of Crete you’re headed towards, the ferry boat ride to Crete is a unique travel experience. So, get on the ferry, connect to the Wi-Fi service offered, and find out how to get from all of Crete’s main cities to the small towns and nearby villages. Get the bus (KTEL) itineraries, information on boat trips and daily excursions and hiking routes. Just make sure you visit as many attractions as you possibly can!

Balos beach with the crystal,blue waters
Balos beach with the crystal blue waters

Places not to be missed: the Balos Lagoon in Kissamos, Elafonissi in Chania, the Palm Forest of Vai in Lassithi, the Kazantzakis monument and Knossos in Heraklion! For the kids and the young-at-heart, plan for a day at the Waterland, the water paradise of Crete. During your trip remember that on ships the bar is always open while the restaurant is open only during certain hours. Start working on your taste buds but if you skip a meal Crete is known for its exceptional local cuisines: Staka, snails, wedding pilaf, skalitsounia and the Cretan raki can satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Cretan raki will satisfy you
Cretan raki will satisfy you

Experience all the island has to offer by booking your cheap ferry tickets to any of the ports of Crete at Letsferry.com. Check out all available itineraries and make your reservation online.

Palm Forest in Lassithi
Palm Forest in Lassithi

Rhodes - Estimated travel time 15 hours
Start your vacations to Rhodes by booking your ferry tickets and a cabin with Let’s Ferry. Unwind on the ship during your ferry ride to the island of knights by watching a movie on your tablet or reading that book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for the past twelve months, or taking a long nap (or more) until you get there. Historical monuments... nature reserves… vibrant bars and beach view restaurants… Rhodes has so much to offer! We doubt it that you will fit everything that there is to see on just a weekend or a few days’ vacation.

Rhodes islands has many achaiological sites to visit
Rhodes island has many achaeological sites to visit

With that in mind, plan to spend adequate time on the island in order to visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes (also known as Kastello), the Acropolis of Lindos and the Medieval City of Rhodes. Travel through time and history in one of the most beautiful medieval cities also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But that’s not all!
World famous beaches such as the Faliraki beach, Elli and Anthony Quinn (yeap, you read right!), as well as many beach bars are offered for diving and entertainment. Oh, and one more thing: Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Butterflies and the Valley of the Seven Springs!

The archaiological monuments in Rhodes
The archaeological monuments in Rhodes

Santorini - Estimated travel time 10 hours
As soon as the ferry boat docks at the port of Santorini, you see tons of tourists from all over the world swarming out. Couples madly in love, teenagers in groups, brides and grooms who come for their professional wedding photo shooting with the backdrop of the Caldera… it seems like everyone from just about everywhere in the world meets up in Santorini! Visiting Santorini, a top Greek island destination that ranks consistently high on travel sites and top tourism magazines, naturally creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. On your way to Santorini, you are going to stop over at the ports of Naxos, Paros, and Ios – the crème de la crème of Greek islands. Go to the deck and watch the islands go by as the ship slowly makes its way back to the open sea. While on the ferry, make sure you charge your mobile devices and have enough storage space to take photos of the most beautiful sunset you’ll probably ever see! When there, arrange for a day trip to Thirassia and explore the secrets of the volcano. Additionally, you can make an online booking for wine tasting to some of the local wineries.

A beautiful Church in Santorini island with an awesome view
A beautiful Church in Santorini island with an awesome view

Chios - Estimated travel time 11 hours
Welcome to the land of mastic, picturesque settlements, and unexplored beaches! These are some of the things that make Chios a sought-after destination and its almost 11-hour ferry ride there worth your while. If the weather cooperates, while on the ship you’ll see many passengers camping on the deck of the ferry, chilling or sleeping under the stars. Chios is ideal for short excursions and day trips to small neighboring islands such as Fourni, Agios Efstratios, Oinousses, and the historic and heroic island of Psara. You can also visit another continent and travel to the coastal city of Cesme in Turkey, which is also a nearby destination.

A colourful,beautiful Church in Chios Island
A colourful, beautiful Church in Chios Island

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Chios Island is the place of mastic
Chios island is the place of mastic