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Heart shaped Greek islands

The Greek islands are indeed very alluring on their own. The blue sky, glistening waters, distinctive island architecture and breathtaking sunsets create the most romantic scenery.
Heart shaped Greek islands

The Greek islands are indeed very alluring on their own. The blue sky, glistening waters, distinctive island architecture and breathtaking sunsets create the most romantic scenery. Travel to Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Kefalonia to explore undiscovered landscapes with your significant other. Organize the most romantic getaway and book your tickets from Let's Ferry right away. Take in the breathtaking scenery and explore each of the Greek islands' distinctive heart-shaped locations.

The heart shaped rock at Preveli beach

There are plenty stunning locations in Crete that you should not miss. However, the heart shaped rock in Preveli is a must, especially for those in love. At the point where the river emerges from the Kourtaliotiko Gorge you will find Preveli beach which is famous for its cold waters. In case you want to see the heart shaped rock for yourself, we would advise you to go to the beach during the afternoon. Surprise your partner and savor the sunset colors while capturing the most magnificent photos. In case you are wondering how to arrive in Crete, Let's Ferry is here to assist you. With frequent ferry connections from the port of Piraeus, you will arrive in Heraklion or Chania to experience the ultimate romantic getaway.

The heart shaped bay overlooking Lindos

Agios Pavlos bay in Rhodes

Rhodes is a traditional yet contemporary island that beckons visitors to explore its mysterious atmosphere and medieval charm. Take the ferry from the port of Piraeus and arrive in Rhodes. Take a walk through the stone alleys, explore the remnants of the Knights' era and visit famous archaeological sites. If you are visiting Rhodes with your partner there is no better way to spend some time together other than to find yourself in a small bay that conceals a singular piece of natural beauty. Take the road to the little bay of Agios Pavlos which is located just outside the town of Rhodes. As you arrive, make a stop in order to admire the bay from above and see that it is actually a heart shaped turquoise pool. No wonder this is a popular location for both Greek and foreign tourists who come to take photos or even get married in the nearby small chapel. Don't forget that from Rhodes you can also explore Kos, Tilos, Leros and Symi. Complete your booking from Let's Ferry and off you go for island hopping in the Dodecanese.

A hidden beach that will steal your heart

Porto Timoni beach, Corfu

According to the legend, Odysseus and Nausicaa first met and fell in love on the beach at Porto Timoni. One would think that this place could not fail to radiate love and romance, and he would be right. All you have to do is glance down at the creek and see the heart that is forming. And how do you know? Maybe the creek was formed that way as a tribute to unrequited love. If you are a romantic soul and want to visit Corfu, book your ferry tickets and depart from the port of Igoumenitsa. Discover the legend and behold a mystical topography featuring azure seas that would make the Caribbean jealous.

The mysterious cave of Melissani

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

The Ionian Sea is home to many legends and exotic landscapes that are inextricably linked to mythology. Thus, in Kefalonia, the Melissani Cave, or Melissani Lake, is famous for its exotic beauty and the myth that accompanies it. It is said that the nymph Melissanni, or Melissanthi, drowned in the cave after being rejected by the god Pan. For this reason, the cave was named after her and is now known as the "Cave of the Nymphs". Once again, tourists from all over the world visit the cave not only to do the classic boat ride but also to take aerial photos and capture the heart created by the opening of the cave and the foliage of the trees. From the port of Kyllini you will be in Poros Kefalonia in about an hour and a half. If you are coming from northern Greece choose the port of Astakos and arrive in Sami.

Myths, unrequited love, golden sand beaches and blue-green waters all combine to create the ideal backdrop for the perfect romantic getaway. You're in the right place if you want to gift your significant other the opportunity to travel to new places and explore enchanted landscapes together. Obtain ferry tickets from Let's Ferry and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Greek islands.