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6 breathtaking views from the Ionian Sea, Crete and the mainland

Explore the best spots to enjoy endless coastlines and unique views of Greece's natural gems.
6 breathtaking views from the Ionian Sea, Crete and the mainland

Endless coastlines and a wild, untamed nature that comes hand in hand with deeply rooted culture and folk heritage. This is Greece's gift to the world, a gift you can enjoy for yourself if you just book cheap ferry tickets through Let's Ferry and discover the best spots to enjoy unique, unobstructed views of the country's natural gems.


Do you dream of taking in the views of Kefalonia, Ithaca and Aetolia-Acarnania all at once? The Holy Monastery of Kathara, found on the outskirts of Anogi is situated 14 km from the port of Pisaetos and 15 km from picturesque Vathi. Once you find yourself in the Monastery, at the summit of Mount Nirito, you will see the blue and green waters playfully mingle underneath. If you go up to the Monastery in the afternoon, the sun will bid you farewell by slowly hiding behind Fiskardo, the cosmopolitan gem of neighboring Kefalonia.

A picturesque view of Vathi in IthacaA picturesque view of Vathi in Ithaca


The island is a jewel of Venetian architecture gifted with unparalleled natural beauty. Ask the locals and they will let you in on the best kept secret we are about to share with you: One of Greece's best views is to be found in Angelokastro, near the village of Krini, next to Paleokastritsa and 27 km from the port. Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle (kastro means castle) built on a steep slope, in the northwest part of the island. Due to its strategic location, this was once the capital of Corfu. Remember, however, that you can only access it in the morning and you will need to walk about 20 minutes from where you are allowed to park your car. Plan ahead, starting with your tickets. For easy and quick online reservation, book cheap ferry tickets to Corfu through Let's Ferry, today!

Angelokastro (Corfu) - one of the most beautiful views in GreeceAngelokastro (Corfu) - one of the most beautiful views in Greece


The "Eye of Crete", also known as the Chora's Castle is located in the southern part of the island, 30 km from the port. This imposing Venetian structure overlooks all three Seas, the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan Sea. Around it, several temples lay here and there, with that of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, the patron saint of the island, being the most impressive. If you feel the urge for a refreshing swim, the beaches of Melidoni and Halkos are nearby. If you come here during the colder months, visit the Archaeological Museum of Kythira as well as the Byzantine Museum.

The beautiful beach of Melidoni in KythiraThe beautiful beach of Melidoni in Kythira


The most famous attraction of the Cretan city is the Castle of Fortezza, near the Old Town and 2 km from the port of Rethymnon, where centuries of history are kept almost intact. Imposing its greatness over the city, the Venetian fortress is located on the hill of Paleokastro, serving up some stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the city below. Touring around the castle you can also see ruins of the Episcopal Palace, the Artillery Warehouse, the Mosque of Ibrahim Khan and the House of Counsellors.

The Castle of Fortezza in RethymnonThe Castle of Fortezza in Rethymnon

Around 37 kilometers from the port of Rethymno you can also find the Monastery of Preveli, separated between Piso Moni and Kato Moni (they are about 2 km apart from each other). From Piso Moni you can see the endless Libyan Sea and the exotic beach of Preveli, with a lake and the second largest palm forest of the island. Explore the Megalonissos ("big island") by booking cheap ferry tickets to all the ports of Crete through Let's Ferry.

The Preveli beach in RethymnonThe Preveli beach in Rethymnon


If you are in Athens and find yourself in the mood for an idyllic sunset or the full moon reflected in the waters of the Aegean, visit the Temple of Poseidon. It is located in Sounio, 10 km from the port of Lavrio (70 km from the center of Athens). Since you are taking the trip, why not grab a swimsuit and explore the hidden coves of the area? This is a sacred place as it is the exact spot where king Aegeus was standing on, waiting for the boat that would bring his son Theseus back from Crete, after he fought the Minotaur. Seeing black sails on the ship, a false signal that Theseus was dead, Aegeus fell from the rock to the sea below, forever lost under the waters that were since named after him.

The Archaeological Site of SounionThe Archaeological Site of Sounion


It is one of the most charming cities of Northern Greece. Kavala is an all-weather, all-style destination, endowed with sandy beaches, delicious fresh fish and important monuments. The best view of the city can be discovered on Stavros hill, 6 km from the port. If you want to go up at night, it's easy! A lit path will lead you to the top where a clear view to Thassos island and of course to Kavala, awaits. The concrete cross you'll find here has given the site its name, and it was built in 1953. The 1100 meters path is an easy and pleasurable ascent.

View of Kavala, one of the most charming cities of Northern GreeceView of Kavala, one of the most charming cities of Northern Greece

Check out Let's Ferry's itineraries and book cheap ferry tickets online, fast and easy. Rest your gaze on the beauties of the land and relax in front of the natural canvas that unfolds. Our suggestion: Choose to visit these places at a quieter season when the crowds are less and the views are more private!