Saos Ferries
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Saos Ferries

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Saos Ferries is a Shipping Company based in Alexandroupoli that was founded in 1975 by residents of Samothraki, while it took its name from a nearby mountain. Over time, it expanded to the North Aegean and the Sporades. Subsequently, it was acquired and its fleet, consisting of 11 ships, expanded to the Aegean, while today it is only active in the Dodecanese island complex. It has two ships:

The passenger car ferry “Stavros” which is 84m long, has a capacity of 587 passengers and 100 vehicles and operates the following routes:
KalymnosKosNisyrosTilosSymiRhodes – Megisti
• Megisti – RhodesSymiTilosNisyrosKosAstypalea
RhodesHalkiRhodes – Megisti
• Megisti – Rhodes

And the passenger ferry “Zephyros” with a length of 25.10m and capacity of 132 passengers, which makes the following routes:
Lipsi - Agia Marina Leros - Pothia Kalymnos - Pserimmos - Mastichari Kos - Pserimos - Pothia Kalymnos - Agia Marina Leros - Lipsi - Agia Marina Leros - Myrties Kalymnos - Agia Marina Leros - Lipsi.