The best greek island events of 2021

Music, theater and dance travel around Greece, endowing our favorite destinations with an air of culture.
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Music, theater and dance travel around Greece, endowing our favorite destinations with an air of culture. Combine your favorite island strolls with festivals, concerts, exhibitions, (always keeping in mind the possible adjustments in current health regulations). Let’s Ferry takes you to the best events of the Greek islands, combining cheap ferry tickets and carefree days by the sea.

A musician near the sandly beach
A musician near the sandy beach

The CycladIc princess always has varied and innovatived suggestions for its visitors. Strolling around Ermoupolis and diving in Agathopes come hand in hand with original cultural events.
Name: "Akropoditi DanceFest". The 8th International Festival of Dance and Dance Theater. 15 days of performances and dance workshops for both professionals and amateurs.
Dates: 10 to 23 of July 2021
Location: Ermoupolis

The beautiful view of Syros island
The beautiful view of Syros island

The heavenly Small Cyclades complex needs no introduction. Along with its blue waters and the relaxed lifestyle comes a matching festival.
Name: "6th Festival of Classical Music". After pausing for a year, the festival is back with 5 concerts by world renowned artists. Classical repertoire is at the forefront, meanwhile showcasing the island’s tradition.
Dates: 14 to 31 of July 2021
Location: Michailidou Residence

Koufonissia in the view of blue waters and caves
Koufonissia in the view of blue waters and caves

The Saronic Gulf is popular all year round as the best mini vacation destination. Being an island where cars are not allowed, moving around Spetses is an easy affair. However, the artistic activities that take place here, make it even more attractive. In recent years, Spetses has developed sports tourism as well as cultural events.

Spetses island with horse riding activity
Spetses island with horse riding activity

As for Paros? What can one say about the queen of summer?
Name: "Aegean Film Festival". Everyone can agree that among the greatest summer pleasures are watermelon, sea salt and open air movie theaters. Why not watch movies and documentaries from around the world in idyllic locations in Spetses and Paros?
Dates: 18 to 25 July 2021 in Spetses, 30 July-2 of August 2021 in Paros
Location: In open air cinemas of the two islands

An idyllic location in Paros island
An idyllic location in Paros island

Alternative and at the same time classy, the small Cycladic beauty has a major fan base. Antiparos organizes a festival that is ideal for everyone, while admission is free.
Name: "Antiparos International Photography Festival". Dealing with the topic "The Wild Side" are famous photographers from all over the world, while at the same time a workshop will be held by the photographer Enri Canaj.
Dates: 10 to 18 of July 2021
Location: Antiparos Castle

Girl with a photography equipment
Girl with a photography equipment

The island of mastic celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution with a periodic exhibition. Discover an island with slow pace and intense natural beauty with cheap ferry tickets to Chios by Let’s Ferry. Choose to book a cabin for a comfortable, safe and enjoyable trip.
Name: "Revolution '21 Reframed, Chios". The path to the Greek revolution and the role of Chios through unique artifacts.
Dates: July 4 to September 10, 2021
Location: Chios Mastic Museum

The Beautiful Traditional Church in Chios Island
The beautiful traditional Church in Chios Island

Crete, being an important cradle of Greek culture, could not be missing from our list. Make an online reservation and travel to all of the island’s ports with cheap ferry tickets through Let’s Ferry, and get to a destination that really knows how to combine tradition with innovation.
Name: "International Festival of Percussion". For the first time, a tribute to percussion instruments is organized in Rethymnon with artists from all over the world.
Dates: 22 to 24 of July 2021
Location: Fortezza, Rethymnon

Chania beach in Crete with crystal waters
Chania beach in Crete with crystal waters

Movie nights in the multicultural Cretan city for some celluloid magic under the stars.
Name: "Chania Film Festival". A two-day event packed full of cinema in Chania, a city that could easily become a movie set.
Dates: 28 to 27 of July 2021
Location: Kipos Open Air Municipal Cinema, Chania

Chora in Chania with beautiful view
Chora in Chania with beautiful view

Beautifully green Andros with its rivers, ravines and impressive beaches is excellent for short getaways, this festival however is a great excuse if you wish to extend your stay.
Name:7th Andros International Festival. Concerts, theater performances and workshops for children, all in one of the most popular festivals in Cyclades.
Dates: 1 to 20 of August 2021
Location: Open Theater of Chora

The classical buildings in Chora of Andros island
The classical buildings in Chora of Andros island

The secluded yet cosmopolitan island hangs on the edge of the Aegean, charming its visitor every time. If you like festivals, you have found your destination.
Name: "Beyond Borders". The 6th International Documentary Festival is a place for creators to meet, discuss and collaborate.
Dates: 22 to 29 of August 2021

The ancient theater in Kastelorizo
The ancient theater in Kastelorizo

Name: "Chios Music Festival". The "eVolution" (with a capital V to mark its fifth year) is a celebration of music with jazz, world, classical and modern sounds. Apart from Chios, it extends to Oinousses.
Dates: 1 to 13 of August 2021
Location: In various locations in Chios and Oinousses

Music festival in Chios island
Music festival in Chios island

An Aegean festival classic returns with special evenings. Samos is a laid-back destination for quality holidays where relaxation, local culinary delights and of course the island ouzo steal the show!
Name: "Samos Young Artists Festival". Artists from around the world meet on stage, covering the genres of pre-classical music, baroque and contemporary creation.
Dates: 7 to 13 of August 2021
Location: Art Space Pythagorion

Samos island in a panoramic view
Samos island in a panoramic view

Those who are familiar with Ios island, know that it has a lot more to offer than just partying. Its beaches are of incomparable beauty and no one can resist a swim in Mylopotas. This year a new institution is planned for the first time and August is expected to be a very interesting month here!
Name: "Ios Festival 2021". Concerts, film screenings, art exhibitions and seminars.
Dates: 15 to 25 of August 2021
Location: Odysseas Elytis Thearte and other areas of the island.

Ios island with cultural items
Ios island with cultural items

Name: "Animasyros 2021-International Animation Festival". Animasyros is now concidered an institution for the island itself and Greece in general.
This year’s thematic is dedicated to the 200 years since the Greek Revolution.
Dates: 22 to 26 of September 2021
Location: As always, in various locations of Syros, but also digitally

Summer becomes better when you get in touch with both nature and culture. The summer holidays can be your chance to enjoy art events that you may not have time to attend during the hectic winter months. All you have to do is consult with Let’s Ferry itineraries and make a reservation for cheap ferry tickets. Your transaction can take place online safely, avoiding queues and overcrowding. Choose to pick up your tickets at home or at the port.