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Anek Lines

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A few words about Anek Lines

Anek Lines was founded on 10th April 1967 by ordinary people who wanted large and safe ships when travelling from Crete to mainland Greece. In September 1970, its first ship ("KYDON") was launched on the Piraeus - Chania route. Since then, the company has been developed impressively, as its fleet now includes 8 privately owned ships of Greek registry, certified with International Safety and Quality Systems. At the same time, with targeted policies, it has managed to maintain one of the first positions in the field of international and domestic shipping, by implementing the International Maritime Labor Convention MLC 2006 as well as the STCW of 1995, which concern the quality of crews. Today, ANEK LINES is one of the most modern shipping companies with a pan-European presence and great prestige, which always focuses on the passenger, while corporate responsibility, transparency and social solidarity are integral principles of its development.

Ships, Itineraries & Gates

• F/B ELYROS: capacity of 1874 passengers and 620 vehicles
• F/B EL. VENIZELOS: capacity of 2500 passengers and 850 vehicles
• H/S/F OLYMPIC CHAMPION: capacity of 1833 passengers and 670 vehicles
• H/S/F HELLENIC SPIRIT: capacity of 1850 passengers and 670 vehicles
• KYDON F/B: capacity of 1750 passengers and 703 vehicles
• F/B CRETE I: capacity of 1500 passengers and 650 vehicles
• F/B CRETE II: capacity of 1500 passengers and 719 vehicles
• F/B PREVELIS: capacity of 927 passengers and 310 vehicles

The above ships operate the following itineraries:
◦ Diafani – ChalkiRhodesChalki – Diafani – KarpathosKasosSitiaHeraklion
Anafi - Santorini - Milos - Piraeus
Karpathos – Diafani – ChalkiRhodesChalki – Diafani – KarpathosKasosSitia


The company offers an innovative reward program: the ANEK Smart Bonus Program, for passengers who choose its ships and onboard services. The program is aimed at all passengers (over 18 years of age) and is designed to allow points to be collected from ticket purchases and on-board consumption, which are easily and quickly redeemed for discounts and free tickets on subsequent travel. In addition, depending on the points accumulated, your card can be upgraded to Silver or Gold, thus giving you the possibility to enjoy even more privileges.

Discounts - Offers

Anek Lines offers a variety of discounts and special offers depending on the line and subject to certain conditions.
For example, the following apply on the Italy – Greece line (Adriatic route):
• 20% discount for SILVER & GOLD members of the ANEK Smart Bonus Program
• 20% discount for young people from 17 to 25 years old
• 20% discount for passengers aged 60 years old and over
• 20% discount on return tickets, which applies on evening departures, for passenger and private vehicles when outbound and inbound tickets are issued simultaneously
• 30% discount on domestic tickets (Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese) if issued at the same time as Adriatic tickets
• 25% discount on the vehicle fare of specific Automobile and Camping Clubs and Associations

On the Piraeus - Crete line you will find offers as follows:
• Up to 20% discount for ANEK Smart Bonus Program members (Heraklion)
• Children up to 5 years old travel for free in the Economy class (DECK), with a reservation and issuance of a zero-fare ticket. They also have a 50% discount on all Cabin categories & Aircraft Type Seats (ATS)
• Children from 5 to 12 years old travel with a 50% discount on all classes
• 30% discount on Crete line tickets (Chania, Heraklion) when in combination with an Adriatic trip
• 50% discount for Students of Greek public Universities & ISIC holders on all passenger fares except LUX cabins

On the Aegean Islands line some of the offers are:
• Children up to 5 years old travel with a 50% discount on all classes
• Children from 5 to 10 years old travel with a 50% discount on all classes
• 30% discount on Aegean islands tickets when in combination with Adriatic trip
• 50% discount for Students of Greek public Universities on all passenger fares except LUX cabins

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