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Blue Star Ferries

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Blue Star Ferries is a leading shipping company in Greece, with a new dynamic fleet of state of the art ships. Departures to Crete, Cyclades, Chios, Mytilene and Dodecanese from the port of Piraeus are offered daily.
Blue Star Ferries implements strict measures to ensure the safety of the environment, the quality of fleet and the highest standards of service to passengers.

The main company priorities are:
Continuous high running performance of all machinery on board the ships and by performing proper maintenance.
Continuous investment in modern environmentally friendly technology.
Strict compliance to international and local regulations.

Blue Star Ferries is an active member of HELMEPA, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation involving ship-owners and seafarers, holding as its main principle the belief that protection of the marine environment can only be achieved through the personal involvement of the human element in all levels of the industry.
Blue Star Ferries
has been awarded by EKFRANTI (2010), by Ermis Awards (2010, 2005), by Lloyd’s List as the passenger line of the year (2006), by Voyager as the best shipping Company (2005, 2006).

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